safety control

  1. T/F. Never transport with the regulator in place.
  2. What is the purpose of the pressure safety disk in an oxygen cylinder?
    Purpose is to rupture prior to the cylinder becoming damaged by pressure.
  3. Particles of this size and smaller can penatrate the respirable portion of the lungs.
    <= 4 micrometers
  4. What is mist/fog?
    liquid aerosols created through the condensation of gas to liquid, that are between 0.1 and 200 micrometers
  5. What is vapour?
    gaseous state of a substanceat room temperature
  6. Law of conservation of mass states...
    rate of mass flow into the duct system equals the rate of mass flow out.
  7. Define Static Pressure:
    the pressure in the duct that tends to burst or collapse the duct
  8. Define velocity pressure:
    is the representation of kinetic energy of an air stream
  9. Change is static pressure is due to:
    mostly due to friction (duct wall friction, friction due to hood configuration, elbows, branch or wye fitting, contraction, filter bag)
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