American past

  1. eric stanton
    lawyer, poltician, us attorney general, secetary of war through american civil war & reconstruction, defense attorney for Daniel e. Sickles first to use an insanity plea for a murderer, he was opposed of A. Lincoln but supported him to save the land, when Lincoln was assinated he controlled the trail of the suspect he used a cotton hood with just one hole for eating for 7 days straight all but one was treated this way. the cas was tride in the military tribunal not the courts
  2. 15th amendment
    the right of a us citizen to vote weather it's race, or previous servitude of service
  3. ku klux klan
    a far right hate group in US has vowed to protect the rights of white americans of protostant faith by violence and intimidation, the first original klan group was in the south they terroised, lynched, murdered & oppressed african americans jews, & other minorities as well as roman catholics & laborers
  4. scalawags
    white southerns who supported the reconstruction following the civil war, they formed the freedman & newcomers coalition
  5. capetbaggers
    northerns who went south during reconstruction, motivated by either profit or idealism it refers to cloth bags used to transport there belongins an now is refered to anyone who is an opertunist
  6. manassas
    virginia, the first battle of manassas or the first battle of bull run, 1st major battle of the american civil war, and the 2nd battle was won by confederate but was held in the hands of the union most of the time
  7. ohio-mississippi river
    • the ohio is the largest tributary, in volume river in the us
    • the mississippi river is the largest river system from minnisota down south to new orleans, lo. to the gulf of mexico
  8. cotton
    a soft, fluffy, staple fiber that grows around the seeds of cotton plants, a shrub native to tropical & subtropical regions around the world. including americas, india, africa, it can be spun into yarn or thread
  9. copperheads
    were a vocal group of demcrats in the northern US, who opposed the american civil war, wanting an immediate peace settlement with the confederates republicans started to call democrates anit-war like the poisonus snake
  10. radicals
    a person who shows a strong political stand
  11. pickett's charge
    was an infaltry assult ordered by confederate gen. robert e lee against maj. gen. george meads's union army on cemetary ridge, on the last day of battle of gettysburg during the american civil war.
  12. vicksburg
    mississipp, a battle won by union victory the captured more confederates & killed them was the final major battle of the american civil war major gen grant from tennesse crossed the mississippi river to confront pemberton
  13. sic sempre tyrannis!
    laitn phrase meaning thus always to tyrants, mistranslated to death to all tyrants, it is the motto of virginia and the assasination of lincoln & julis cesar
  14. shiloh
    battle of shiloh or the battle of pittsburg landing another major battle of western theather in the american civil war, fought in southwestern tennessee. gen. johnson & beauregaurd were confederates launced a surprise attack on u.s. Grant, were winning on the 1st day but by the second they had lost.
  15. sherman bow ties
    railroads rails were heated under fire then twisted into bows against trees
  16. freedman's buraeu
    it was to provide food & medical care to help the freedmen to resettle & ensure the freedom of the freedmen to manage abonded or confiscated property, regulate labor, and establish schools
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