world history cards 2

  1. who originally built Temple?
    Solomon on Temple Mount 957
  2. who destroyed Temple?
    Neo Babylonians
  3. what is built where the Temple was?
    a mosque
  4. what was the Night Journey?
    Mohammed flew with Gabriel from Mecca to Jerusalem, and stepped on spot of Temple and ascended to heaven to meet Alllah
  5. who is Yahweh?
    god transcendent (not really his name)
  6. what is a covenant relationship?
    a relationship between God and man
  7. who were the original covenants with?
    Abraham, then Moses
  8. what was the first ethical religion? (where everything you do matters) had 10 commandments
  9. where did the nomads come from during the indo european migration?
    steppes of southern Russia
  10. where did the nomads (indo european) go?
    above the Black and Caspian Sea
  11. what did the indo europeans do (involved animals)
    domesticated horses
  12. what happened to the indo europeans around 3000 - 1000 b.c.?
    they migrated in different directions, they were not yet civilized, and they spoke the same language
  13. greek, latin, persian, german, irish, and other romance languages were inspired by what language?
    the indo european languages
  14. where did the indo europeans go around 1000 b.c.?
  15. what two groups of people came about after the indoeuropeans?
    Medes and Persians
  16. what were the Medes and the Persians skilled in?
    horseman and archery
  17. what persian leader defeated the dominant Persians?
  18. who ruled around 558-530 b.c. and took over all Persians, then Medes,
    Cyrus the Achmemenid
  19. who conquered Iran, Asia Minor, Afghanistan, and Mesopotamia?
    Cyrus the Achemenid
  20. how did Cyrus die?
    fighting the nomads
  21. where was cyrus buried?
    in the capital, Pasagarde
  22. who was the son of Cyrus?
  23. who was the son of Cyrus that conquered Egypt?
  24. who eventually controlled the empire after Cambyses?
    his cousin Darius
  25. who was Cambyses's half-brother who was possibly assassinated who was impersonated?
  26. what was Persepolis called?
    "the city of the Persians"
  27. who ruled after Cambyses and built Persepolis (very impressive with large buildings)
  28. what were the different regions of Persia called?
  29. what were the rulers of the satraps called?
  30. who were the two people satraps couldnt control?
    chief tax collector and head of military
  31. who were the groups of experts that traveled with soldiers known as "eyes and ears of the king"?
  32. what was the Persian Royal Road?
    a network of roads 1600 miles long that went from Ephesus through Mesopotamia to Susa and Persepolis
  33. what was the religion of the Persians?
  34. what was a ceremonial drink used in Persian rituals (passed around a cup to all observers)
  35. what was Hoama made of
    a hallucinaginic mushroom
  36. who created Zoroastrianism?
  37. what was the occupation of Zurathustra's father?
    a priest (he was taught to be one as well)
  38. how did zurathutra create zoroastrianism?
    at age 20 he went on a quest and had a series of visions and the new religion was revealed to him
  39. who was the "good" zoroastrian god?
    Ahura Mazda
  40. who was the "bad" zoroastrian god?
    Angra Manya
  41. what helped angra manya?
    daevas or demons
  42. what were the two holy books of zoroastrianism?
    Avesta- scripture (like bible), Gathas- hymns
  43. what was a purifying source for zoroastrians?
  44. what temple had the eternal flame
    fire temple at Yazi
  45. who persecuted the z's?
  46. where did many z's flee to?
  47. what are the z's in India called?
  48. what were the five early chinese rulers called
    five sovereigns
  49. where did chinese civilization start?
    Huang He
  50. what were the 5 sovereigns credited with?
    inventions (family, farming, writing)
  51. what was supposedly the earliest dynasty?
    the Xia dynasty
  52. what overthrowed the Xia dynasty
    the Shang dynasty
  53. what developments did the Shang dynasty bring?
    learned about horses from indo europeans, controlled mining of copper and tin for bronze, and had massive building projects
  54. what was created during the Shang dynasty?
    oracle bones
  55. who buried servants with rulers when they died?
    the Shang dynasty
  56. who replaced the Shang dynasty?
    the Zhou dynasty
  57. how did the Zhou dynasty justify their takeover?
    with mandate from Heaven
  58. what was Ti'an
    heaven (it supported a good king)
  59. what was the feudal system?
    when the king turned over power to aristocrats to run it however they see fit, but must give the king what he needs
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