Eng III Books/Author

  1. to my Dear and loving husband
    Anne Bradstreet
  2. Speech in the Virginia convention
    Patrick Henry
  3. Sinners in the hands of an Angry God
    jonathan edwards
  4. Of Plymouth plantation
    William Bradford
  5. The Life and Times of Fredrick Douglass
    Fredrick Douglass
  6. The Raven
    Edgar Allen Poe
  7. Walden
  8. What is an American
    michel-guillaume jean de crevecoeur
  9. Self-Reliance
  10. I hear America Singing
    walt whitman
  11. Dr. Heidegger's Experiment
  12. An occurrence at owl creek bridge
    A. Bierce
  13. Civil Disobedience
  14. Deceleration of Independence
    Thomas Jefferson
  15. Poor Richard's Almanac
    Ben Franklin
  16. We Wear the Mask
    Paul Laurence Dunbar
  17. I stand here ironing
    Tillie Olsen
  18. Harlem
    Langston Hughes
  19. Chicago
    Carl Sandburg
  20. The Yellow Wallpaper
    Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  21. Adolescence III
    Rita Dove
  22. Seventeen Syllables
  23. Richard Cory
    E.A. Robinson
  24. Because I Could Not Stop for Death
    Emily Dickinson
  25. Sympathy
    paul dunbar
  26. Life on the Mississippi
    Mark Twain
  27. The Gettysburg Address
    Abe Lincoln
  28. Story of an hour
    kate chopin
  29. The Red badge of courage
    Stephen Crane
  30. Ironing their clothes
    Julia Alvarez
  31. Ambush
    Tim O'Brien
  32. At the Justice Department, November 15, 1969
    Denise Levertov
  33. The Jilting of Granny Weatherall
    Katherine Porter
  34. A Rose for Emily
    William Faulkner
  35. Acquainted with the Night
    Robert Frost
  36. Separating
  37. The end of something
  38. Of Mice and Men
    John Steinbeck
  39. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
    T.S. Eliot
  40. Armistice
    Bernard Malamud
  41. Letter from Paradise
    Joan Didion
  42. Miniver Cheevy
  43. Letter from Birmingham
    Martin Luther King Jr.
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