1. Yin and Yang
    • The Chinese teaching of opposites working together to compliment eachother.
    • Demonstrated at P.F. Chang's between Hospitality and Culinary.
    • Neither is better than the other, nor can they work without each other
  2. Red Light/Green Light
    When you use the last of the coffee, tea, or anything else in the restaurant, be sure to replace it so it can be ready for the next server, hence, creating green lights. Otherwise you are disrupting the flow and creating red lights

    • Bring menu's to host stand
    • Full hands in and out of dish room
  3. Comp and Void
    • Comps happen when an item has already been made, and the cost is removed from the ticket, resulting in a loss of money
    • When an Item is voided, it has not yet been made, thus no money is lost
  4. Dynamite shrimp
    • P: battered SH
    • V: G onions, Lettuce cup
    • S: Dynamite shrimp sauce(mayo, sriracha, G onion, garlic, rice vinegar)

    served in martini glass
  5. Crispy Green Beans
    • V: lightly battered green beans
    • S: Crispy green bean/flatbread sauce(same as DynSH sauce)
  6. Shanghai Cucumbers
    • V: English cucumbers
    • S: soy sauce
    • O: black and white sesame seeds, sesame oil

    Cucumbers great with spicy foods because they cool your pallot
  7. Chengdu Spiced Lamb
    Strong Indian spiced flavor

    • P: LMB
    • V: Y onions, tomatoes, garlic, mint
    • S: Hoisin sauce, Kung pao sauce
    • O: chili oil, Cumin seeds, chili flakes

    • Marinated over night; wok seared for a tender, caramelized texture; earthy, aromatic fragrance
    • Prevailing flavors:
    • - mint
    • - toasted cumin
    • - crunchy onions
    • - earthy, aromatic fragrance
    • - tender
  8. Wok seared lamb
    • Thin slices of tender lamb
    • seared in flaming hot wok to retain flavor and natural juices
    • served over bed of iceberg lettuce w/ sesame mustard sauce drizzled over the top.
  9. Oolong marinated sea bass
    • P: Sea bass
    • V: spinach
    • S: Dark sauce, sweet ginger soy
    • O: wok oil

    • Placed on top of spinach and lightly drizzled with sweet ginger soy sauce.
    • Very light, intensely flavorful
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