Gatsby Vocab

  1. Duplicity
    deceitfulness in speech or conduct; double dealing
  2. fractious
    inclined to make trouble;haveing a peevish nature; cranky
  3. peremptory
    leaving no opportunity for denial or refusal; dictatorial
  4. prodigal
    wastefully or recklessly extravagant
  5. credulity
    willingness to believe or trust too readily; gullibility
  6. florid
    reddish; ruddy; rosy; flowery; showy
  7. corpulent
    large or bulky; fat
  8. convival
    friendly; agreeable; fond of feasting, and drinking, festive
  9. vinous
    resembling or containing wine, wine colored
  10. jaunty
    crisp and dapper in appearance; natty; lively
  11. punctilious
    strictly attentive to minute details of form in action or conduct
  12. Disconcert
    to break up the harmonious progress of; to throw into disorder
  13. olfactory
    pertaining to the sense of smell
  14. somnmbulate
    to walk or perform another act while asleep
  15. denizen
    an inhabitent or resident
  16. caravansary
    and inn or hotel
  17. Libertine
    a person who is morally or sexually unrestrained; a freethinker in religious matters
  18. prig
    a person who displays or demands others pointlessly precise conformity
  19. magnanimous
    generous in forgiving an insult or injury
  20. portent
    an indication or omen of something about to happen; a prodigy or marval
  21. garrulous
    excessively talkative in a roundabout manner
  22. pasquinade
    a satire or lampoon, especially one that ridicules a person and is posted in a public place
  23. superfluous
    being more than is required; excessive
  24. ulster
    a loose, long overcoat
  25. galley
    a oblong tray of wood or brass for holding type which has been set or is to be made up
  26. supercilious
    haughtily or arrogantly distainful
  27. disillusion
    to lose or be freed from a false or misleading impression of reality
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