History Test Pt. 3 (The Science Revolution)

  1. What are some causues of the Scientific Revolution ?
    • People starting challenging The Church
    • More focus on Math
    • Trade (needed better sources and navigational systems)
    • Better scientific instruments
  2. What was the greatest invention ever ?
    • The Printing Press (Created by Johan in 1456)
    • *It made The Bible*
  3. Some effects of the Printing Press being invented are..
    • Books became cheaper
    • More educated people
    • Educated people can think and have creation
    • Exposed Europeans to new ideas
  4. Who were some 'Scientific Revolutionares" and how did they play their part ?
    • Capernakis: He told the world that the sun is in the middle of the universe. *The church opposed his idea*
    • Tycho Brahe: He proved that the planets revolved around the sun, and how the rotation was oval-like, not circular.
    • *The church ALSO opposed his ideas*
    • Gailian Gallei: He made first telescope, and stated that the earth moved; "There's more than just heaven, there is a universe." He was alos, threatened with death for his findings, and "punked out" on it, to spare his life.
    • Isaac Newton: Investigates and brings the idea of gravity to the world. He also created the math we know today as Calculus. Formed the laws of motion.
  5. What were some scientific Advancements in Chemistry ?
    • Elements & Chemical Compunds were discorvered
    • Ideas of gasses changing with temperature, and the change of solids and liquids.
  6. What were some Scientific advancements in Medicine ?
    • Idea of a microscope
    • DaVinci and his understanding of the dead body
    • Creation of medicines to help people
  7. What were the effects of the Scientific Revolution ?
    • Independent Reasoning
    • Challenging the Religion
    • No more belief in witchcraft/magic
    • Belief in another universe
    • Belief that science would improve life
    • Women are equal to Men.
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History Test Pt. 3 (The Science Revolution)
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