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  1. How does Geography affect how you live in Northern Europe? In Southern Europe? In West Central Europe? Give specific examples from certain areas and countries.
    Geography very much affects how the people in Europe live there. For an example, many place in northern Europe, such as Ireland, are right along the water. One way this affects how the people in Ireland live is that they can use the water a lot for transportation of people and goods. Also, it changes the kind of job that the people living in Ireland. Because they live right next to the water, the Irish can go fishing a ton. Also, because of good soil, many of the Irish are farmers. For West Central Europe, There are many mountains like the Alps in Switzerland and France. The reason why this changes the how they live in West Central Europe is that they can have snow sports going on there. This affects how some people have a job as a professional skiier or snowboarder, but it also changes the fact that businesses will charge people to ski on the mountains which changes people's jobs. Finally, Southern Europe gets affected by geography for example, the Po river in Italy can be used for transportation of goods, and for trade. Another thing the Po river does is create fertile soil for farming, which lets the Italians be in the agriculture business. Also, because of the sunny climate, Italy is perfect for growing and harvesting grapes to sell, eat, and make into wine.
  2. How do people adapt, rely, and modify on the land in Europe?
    People in Europe adapt, rely, any modify the land a lot in Europe. For example, the people in Icelnd use the geysers for geothermal power. This is an example of relying. People in Spain adapt to the heat by wearing shorter clothes and going swimming often. People in Italy modify the ground by planting seeds and plants, then harvesting the food. Finally, people in Greenland adapt to the cold weather by bundling up and somethimes doing snowsports. This is also a way that Greenland relys on the land.
  3. Show how places in Northern, Southern, and West Central Europe are similar and different.
    Spain, Ireland, and Switzerland are similar in that they are all very mountainous. Switzerland has the Alps, Spain has the Cantabrian and Pyrenees mountians, and Ireland has the Caha mountains. Another way that these are similar is that many rivers cut through these countries like the Lee river in Ireland, the Rhine river in Switzerland, and the Mula river in Spain. Some ways that these are different is that Switzerland is the only one that is land-locked, also, Switzerland and Spain have very sunny climates but Ireland's climate tends to be very rainy with the occasional sun spell.
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