Psych. Exam 4 Q's

  1. Jonathan is untidy, outgoing, and a chain smoker. He frequently stays up late and has a very flexible work schedule. Given this description, most people would guess that Jonathan is a bartender (which he is not) rather than a tax accountant (which he is). This example illustrates the influence of:
    A) the representativeness heuristic.
  2. Increased blood levels of which of the following hormones has been shown to strongly stimulate appetite?
    A) ghrelin
  3. The need to feel that your activities are self-chosen and self-endorsed defines _____, which is a fundamental motive in _____.
    C) autonomy; self-determination theory
  4. A system that combines arbitrary symbols to produce an infinite number of meaningful statements is a definition of:
    D) language.
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Psych. Exam 4 Q's
Psych. Exam 4 Q's