voc. 8

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  1. asaurance
    a pledge; freedom from doubt, self-confidence
  2. asylum
    an institution for the care of children, elderly people etc; a place of safety
  3. console
    to comfort; the keyboard of an organ; a control panel for an electrical or mechanical device
  4. dilate
    to make or become larger or wider; to exand upon
  5. dross
    refuse, wast products
  6. dwindle
    to lessen, diminish
  7. flippant
    lacking in seriousness; disrespectful, saucy
  8. immunity
    resistance to disease; freedom from some charge or obligation
  9. institute
    to establish, set up; an organization for the promotion of learning
  10. liability
    a bebt; something disadvantageous
  11. preposterous
    ridiculous, senseless
  12. pugnacious
    quarrelsome, fond of fighting
  13. rabid
    furious, violenty intense, unreasonable extreme; mad infected with rabies;
  14. realm
    a kingdom; a region or field of study
  15. rejuvenate
    to make young again; tp make like new
  16. remunerate
    to reward, pay, reimburse
  17. sparse
    meager, scant; scattered
  18. sterling
    genuine, excellent; made of silver of standared fineness
  19. venture
    a risky or daring undertaking; to expose to danger; to dare
  20. warp
    to twist out of shape; an abnormality
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