Neoplasm Jeopardy

  1. What are characteristics of benign tumors?
    Well differentiated, slow growing, rare systemic effects
  2. What grade is given to poorly differentiated cells?
    Grade IV tumor
  3. How do you describe acute myeloid leukemia (AML)?
    Over production of myeloid cell, abrupt onset, rapid progression
  4. What is nondisjunction?
    During meiosis, 2 chromosomes from 2 parent go to 2 daughter cell and none to the other
  5. What are the manifestations of Down syndrome?
    Low set ears, epicanthal fold and mental retardation
  6. How do you describe acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL)?
    Over production of lymphoblasts, abrupt onset, and most common leukemia in children
  7. What are warning signs of cancer for a child?
    Recurrent fevers not cause by infection, bruising, paleness, & unexplained weight loss
  8. List 3 ways benign tumors may be life threatening.
    Obstructing blood flow, compressing outflow of secretions, or compressing normal tissues
  9. Name two benign tumors.
    Adenoma. and osteoma
  10. What would be a stage of cancer tumor for a client who has a tumor with lymph node enlargement and metastasis?
    The tumor is staged as: T4, N3, M1
  11. How do you describe chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML)?
    Malignant granulocytes that carry the Philadelphia chromosome
  12. What is Klinefelter syndrome?
    Male appearance, sterile due to no sperm production, with genotype XXY
  13. What is Cri du Chat syndrome?
    Cry like a cat, microencephly with mental reatardation due to structural genetic abnormality
  14. How do you describe chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)?
    Failure of B cells to mature to plasma cells, with enlarged lymph nodes found by accident
  15. What are contributing factors to cachexia?
    Anorexia, altered taste, abdominal fullness, psychological factors, and treatment effects
  16. What are 3 characteristics of malignant cells?
    Proliferate despite lack of growth-initiating signals,escape signals for apoptosis, and areundifferentiated
  17. What are proto-oncogenes?
    Genes that code to promote growth
  18. What are effects on blood cells from bone marrow malignant cells, poor nutrition, side effect of chemotherapy?
    Leukopenia, anemia, & thrombocytopenia
  19. What are clinical manifestations of hematologic malignancies
    Anemia, bleeding, bruising & frequent infections
  20. What is the principle on which Mendelian genetics is based?
    Single genes are transmitted, thus there is a 50:50 chance of receiving parent’s alleles of a specific gene
  21. What is Duchene muscular dystrophy
    x-linked disorder causing defective protein associated with muscle cell membrane
  22. What are characteristics of Hodgkin Disease?
    Malignant disorder of lymph nodes with Reed Sternberg cell, spreads in a predictable manner
  23. What are paraneoplastic syndromes?
    Excess hormone secretion of ACTH, ADH, or PTH associated with cancer
  24. What factor turns off tumor suppressor genes and changes proto-oncogenes to oncogenes?
    Multiple mutagenic agents cause DNA damage
  25. What are tumor suppressor genes?
    A mutated oncogene plus alleles of this gene from both parents must inactivated to allow cancer to occur
  26. What is a definition of leukemia?
    Malignant disease of bone marrow stem cells with accumulation of immature blasts in the bone marrow
  27. What are characteristics of T-cell, T-cell or NK lymphoma (Non-Hodgkin Disease)?
    Originates in any lymphoid cell, T or B or NK cells
  28. When is a fetus most susceptible to damage from a teratogen?
  29. When is a fetus most susceptible to damage from a teratogen?
    At risk during the first 9 weeks of pregnancy
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