Essential Medical Terms

  1. Hemoptysis
    Spetting of blood; bloodstained sputum
  2. Hemorrhage
    Excessive or profuse bleeding
  3. Hemothorax
    Blood fluid present in the pleural cavity
  4. Hepatosplenomegaly
    Enlarged liver and spleen
  5. Hyperkalemia
    High potassium
  6. Hypertension
    High Blood pressure
  7. Hyponatremia
    Low sodium
  8. Illeus
    Bowel obstruction
  9. Infarct
    Necrotic area of tissue due to cessation of the blood supply
  10. Infiltrate
    To penetrate the interstices of a tissue or substance
  11. Inguinal
    Groin region
  12. Ischemia
    Temporary, localixzed restriction of blood supply
  13. Lacrimal
    To do with tears
  14. Lingual
    To do with tongue
  15. Loculations
    The presence of numerous small spaces or cavities
  16. Lymphadenopathy
    Achronic enlargment of the lymph nodes
  17. Malaise
    Generalized discomfort or weakness
  18. Melena
    Black tarry stool
  19. Meningitis
    Inflammation of the Meninges
  20. Mottled
    Marked by spots of blotches of different colors or shades
  21. Normocephalic
    Normal shape of the gead
  22. Neuralgia
    Nerve Pain
  23. Nystagmus
    Involuntary rapid eye movements
  24. Occiput
    Back of the head
  25. Olecranon
    Head or point of the elbow
  26. Paresthesia
    Abnormal tactil sensation (creeping, burning, tingling, or numbness)
  27. Petechia
    Tiny red spot ofccurring on the skin caused by a small amount of escaping blood
  28. Pharyngitis
    Inflammation of the mucous membrane and underlying parts of the pharnyx
  29. Photophobia
    Intolerance to light
  30. Pleurisy
    Painful inflammation of the pleura
  31. Pneumothorax
    Presence of air or gas in the pleural
  32. Post-ictal
    Following a seizure; post seizure symptoms
  33. Psoriasis
    Chronic, non-contagious disease characterized by inflamed lesions covered with silvery-whit scabs of dead skin
  34. Purulent
    Consisting of matter or pus; resembling pus
  35. Rale
    Abnormal respiratory sound heard on auscultation
  36. Rhinorrhea
    Thin, water discharge from the nose
  37. Rhonchi
    A whistling or snoring sound geard on auscultation of the chest when air channels are partially obstructed; the plural of rhonchus
  38. Sciatic
    Pertaing to the ischium or hip
  39. Seizure
    An attack or sudden onset of symptoms; an epiliptic attack
  40. Sepsis
    Spittle, any mixed matter with saliva that is expectorated through the mouth
  41. Stenosis
    Narrowing of a body opening or passage
  42. Stridor
    Harsh or high-pitched respiratory sound, caused by an obstruction of the air passages
  43. Syncope
    Loss of consciousness; to faint
  44. Tachycardia
    Abnormal rapid heart beat
  45. Tachypnea
    Extremely rapid respiration
  46. Thoracostomy
    Procedure to install a chest tube
  47. Tinea
    Any of many different superficial fungal infections of the skin
  48. Tinnitus
    A ringing in the ears
  49. Torsion
    Condition of being distended or swollen; normal fullness
  50. Urticaria
    Hives or wheals which are either redder or paler than the surrounding area and are often attended by itching
  51. Vertigo
    Condition of dizziness, specifically a room spinning sensation
  52. Wheeze
    Difficult breathing with a whistling sound resulting from narrowing of the lumen of the respiratory passageways
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