1. 76.What IC CKT is the weapons casualty ckt?
  2. 77.what is the safe working loads for the centerline crane?
    • ◦main hook: 30 tons
    • ◦Aux hook: 4 tons
  3. 78.what is the SWL for the traveling cranes?
    5 tons
  4. 79.how much ammo is issued to the 12 gauge, 9mm, and M16?
    • ◦12 Guage- 15 rounds
    • ◦9mm- 45 rounds (3 mags of 15)
    • ◦M16- 90 rounds (3 mags of 30)
  5. 80.who is the weapons officer?
    LT Ireland
  6. 81.Who is the weapons Chief?
    GMC Paolo
  7. 82.for big weapons what color are war shots?
  8. 83.for big weapons, what color are the exercise shots?
  9. 84.where is the secondary armory?
  10. 85.the fusible link melts at what temp?
  11. 86.state deadly force
    the force that a person uses causing, or that a person knows or should know would create a substantial risk of causing, death or serious bodily harm
  12. 87.What are the 6 reasons for employing deadly force?
    • ◦self defense and defense of others
    • ◦serious offenses against others
    • ◦Escape
    • ◦Arrest or apprehension
    • ◦Assets involving national security
    • ◦Assets not involving national security but inherently dangerous to others
  13. 88.how many zones are there for the sprinklers?
  14. 89.what three ways can the sprinkler system be operated?
    • ◦remote
    • ◦automatic
    • ◦Local
  15. 90.what does SONAR stand for?
    Sound navigation and ranging
  16. 91.what are the two types of SONAR?
    • ◦active
    • ◦passive
  17. 92.this type of SONAR generates an active sound transmission via a transducer. It moves away from the source in a circle and when it strikes an object a small portion is reflected back to the transducer. the signal is then amplified. used primarily by surface ships.
  18. 93.this type of SONAR receives noises generated by external sources that are then classifed and tracked. used by Submarines to remain undetected.
  19. 94.what does RADAR stand for?
    Radio detection and ranging
  20. 95.What ammunition is stored in the small arms magazine?
    • ◦.50CAL
    • ◦M60
    • ◦12 gauge
    • ◦9mm
    • ◦m16
  21. 96.a proellant charge that fails to fire, treated as a hang fire until delated explosion is ruled out
  22. 97.an area marked to stay clear of the guns barrel that extends to the physical end of the gun 360 degrees
    training warning circle
  23. 98.what ship's system supplies the sprinkler system with water?
  24. 99.how many elevators are in the weapons department?
  25. 100.name the three weapons elevators
    • ◦main weapons
    • ◦#1 component
    • ◦#2 component
  26. 101.who was the first enlisted man killed in WWI?
    • ◦GM1 Osmund Kelly Ingram
    • ◦ran aft to release dept charges on fantail before torpedo strike. awarded medal of honor.
  27. 102.talk about Delbert black?
    • ◦GMCM,
    • ◦first MCPON
    • ◦ESWS program did not exist
    • ◦headstone says "anchored in the arms of God"
  28. 103.who can authorize deadly force?
    • ◦CO
    • ◦XO
    • ◦Weps
    • ◦FPWO
  29. 104.state the two warfare areas that utilize the naval gun systems
    • ◦anti-air warfare (AAW)
    • ◦Anti-surface warfare (ASUW)
  30. 105.state the four warfare areas that utilize naval missle systems
    • ◦anti air warfare (AAW)
    • ◦Anti surface warfare (ASUW)
    • ◦Anti submarine warfare (ASW)
    • ◦Strike warfare (STW) "land attack
  31. 106.state the purpose of fire control
    to direct various weapons so that they will hit a desired target
  32. 107.a subsonic, low altitude cruise missle for use against surface targets only. designed as an all-round-up (AUR) for all weather operations and is capable of engaging over the horizon targets.
  33. 108.a long range, subsonic, land attack missle with a solid propellant booster and liquid propellant turbofan engine.
  34. 109.Launched from surface ships from vertical launch systems. allows the firing craft a stand off distance against a hostile submarine. once the rocket motor burns out it is separated from the torpedo. torpedo will continue on its trajectory into the water.
    Vertical launch ASROC (anti-submarine rocket)
  35. 110.represents the largest group of guided missles in the SMS arsenal. Used primarily against air targets but certain variants can be used against surface targets. Popular designation is SM2, MR medium range, and SM2 ER extended range missles. SM2 missles are used on vertical launching systems equipped ships.
    Standard missle
  36. 111.a self propelled, high speed, deep running underwater missile used against surface and subsurface targets, guidance systems are either present, wire guided or homing. DDG's and frigates launch these topside. from helicopter they are parachuted.
  37. 112.what type of torpedo is the MK-48 ADCAP?
    submarine launched wire guided torpedo
  38. 113.this is the primary source for the detection of long range air targets. only provid ecourse and bearing.
    two dimensional RADAR
  39. 114.primary source of air target information for a weapons system. these provide percise air search datat, consisting of range, bearing and elevation angle to the naval tactical data system (NDTS) and/or weapons direction system.
    three dimensional radar
  40. 115.Explain the difference between active and passive SONAR.
    • ◦Active listens and talks
    • ◦Passive just listens
  41. 116.this will increase or decrease the acoustic speed of sound through the water for SONAR
  42. 117.how does temperature affect sonar?
    at deeper depths, less engery will be required for sound propagation. sound travels faster
  43. 118.higher concentrations of salt in water will cause a higer percetage of sound distortion for SONAR?
  44. 119.temporary failure or delay in the action of a primer, igniter, or proelling charge.,
    hang fire
  45. 120.a gun whose barrel temp has been raised to a temp at which a cook-off of a round is possible
    hot gun
  46. 121.this projectile detonates on impact. it is used against surface targets vulnerable to an impact burst.
    HE-PD (High Explosive Point Detonation)
  47. 122.This projectile has a proximity fuse which will detonate in the proximity of the target or on impact. used against air contacts.
    HE-VT (High Explosive Variable Time)
  48. 123.this projectile has a fuse that has the capability of functioning in either mechanical time or a point detonating mode. Used against surface and light armor targets.
    HE-MT-PD (High Explosive Mechanical time Point Detonation)
  49. 124.explain the term C4I.
    • ◦Command
    • ◦Control
    • ◦Computers
    • ◦Communications
    • ◦Intel
  50. 125.what are the two primary gun weapon systems found on navy surface combatants.
    • ◦MK 45 (5in) found on DDG-51 and CG-47 class ships
    • ◦MK 75 (76MM) found on FFG-7 Class ships
  51. 126.what color are training rounds?
  52. 127.why is there a scuttle above the 25mm mag?
    • ◦fire fighting
    • ◦egress
    • ◦ammo passing
  53. 128.what are the procedures for comating a fire involving a weapon?
    • ◦ask SWO if weapon is safe for saltwater
    • ◦Jettison
  54. 129.what is the difference between a security alert and repel boarder?
    • ◦Security alert is on the ship
    • ◦Repel boarder is for an attack off the ship
  55. 130.what is the MK 48 shop used for?
    tomahawk 24 hour storage and maintenance
  56. 131.How many and where are the mounts for 25MM chain gun. what modes can it be fired in?
    • ◦four mounts
    • ◦21/22 foc'sle
    • ◦23/24 aft 03 level stbd and port
    • ◦single shot and automatic
  57. 132.how many and where ar eht mounts for .50 cal's?
    • ◦four mounts
    • ◦51/52 02 level fwd stbd/port
    • ◦53/54 aft 03 level stbd/port
  58. 133.Descirbe the .50 cal
    HB M2 is an air cooled, recoil operated, belt fed machine gun. Cyclic rate of fire is 550 RPM
  59. 134.how many and where are the 40mm gernade launchers (MK19)?
    • ◦two mounts
    • ◦41/42 on 05 level stbd and port
  60. 135.what is the cyclic rate of fire for the 40mm Gernade launchers MK19
    325-375 RPM
  61. 136.how many and where are the MK 43 (M60) machine guns?
    • ◦three mounts
    • ◦61/62 on foc'sle
    • ◦63 on aft quarterdeck
  62. 137.what are the modes of the MK43 (M60) machine guns?
    • ◦automatic mode only
    • ◦portable
  63. 138.what is the maximum effective range of 25mm chian gun?
    2,700 yards
  64. 139.what is the maximum effective range of 50 cal?
    2,000 yards max range is 4.1 NM
  65. 140.what is the maximum effective range of 40mm gernade launcher (MK19)?
    2,212 meters
  66. 141.what is the maximum effective range of MK 43 (M60)?
    1,200 yards
  67. 142.what is the maximum effective range of M16?
    550 meters
  68. 143.what is the maximum effective range of M500?
    50 yards
  69. 144.what type of magazine sprinkler systems are on board the ESL?
  70. 145.what are the three alarms associated with the weapons magazine sprinkler systems?
    • ◦high temp (F alarm)
    • ◦Flooding (FD alarm)
    • ◦Sprinkler Activation (FH alarm)
  71. 146.where do magazine alarms sound?
    • ◦bridge
    • ◦Aft quarterdeck
    • ◦Mid-ship quarterdeck
  72. 147.what are the seven sprinkler groups?
    • ◦pyrotechnics mag
    • ◦gas generator mag
    • ◦aft torpedo mag
    • ◦fwd torpedo mag/small arms mag
    • ◦weapons mall/CAT 1 mag (tagged out)
    • ◦MK 48 shop/ADC mag
  73. 148.what are the weapons divisions?
    • ◦W-0: weapons admin
    • W-1: weapons handling
    • ◦W-2: gunnery division
    • ◦W-3: force proteciton
    • ◦W-6: weight test
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