The Nervous & Endocrine System

  1. What does Homeostasis mean?
    Same state
  2. Which of the Nervous System & the Endocrine System is the electrical messenger?
    Nervous Sytem is the electrical messenger system
  3. Which of the Nervous System & the Endocrine System is the chemical messenger?
    Endocrine System is the chemical messenger system
  4. Of the nervous system, Somatic & Autonomic, which is external (voluntary) and which is internal (involuntary)?
    Somatic - External (voluntary)

    Autonomic - Internal (involuntary)
  5. The Autonomic branch of the nervous system further branches into sympathetic and parasympathetic. What do they do?
    Sympathetic - Increases activity

    Parasympathetic - Decreases activity

    Tip: opposite of what you'd think
  6. What is the CNS made up of?
    The brain & spinal cord
  7. What is the sequence of Nervous System activity?

    CNS - Afferent nerves - Efferent nerves
    Afferent nerves - incoming information about changes

    CNS - Interpretation & decision making

    Efferent nerves - Outgoing information about a response
  8. The Autonomic branch of the CNS/PNS is the internal (involuntary) branch which detects changes internally....
    Chemoreceptors - Detect changes in level of chemicals through body

    Thermoreceptors - Detect temperature changes in all tissues (thermometer)

    Baroreceptors - Detect changes in blood pressue - in walls

    Proprioreceptors - Detect changes in body position - in muscles & tissues
  9. The autonomic nervous system

    Sympathetic nerves
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