HR Management

  1. outcome fairness
    refers to the judgment that people make with respect to the outcomes received relative to the outcomes received by other people with whom they identify.
  2. Procedural justice
    is a concept of justice focusing onthe methods used to determine the outcomes received
  3. Interactional justice
    is a concept of justice referringto the interpersonal nature of how the outcomes were implemented (how?)
  4. Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • this form of resolution proceeds through four stages:
    • open door policy, peer review, mediation, and arbitration
  5. Progression of withdrawal
    • is a theory that dissatisfied individuals enact a set of behaviors in succession to avoid their work situation.
    • –behavior change
    • –physical job withdraw
    • –psychological job withdraw
  6. Three important aspects of job satisfaction are
    values, perceptions, and importance
  7. Three primary aspects of tasks affect job satisfaction:
    • the complexity of the task,
    • the degree of physical strain and exertion on the job, the ancient offlexibility in where and when the work is done,
    • and the value the employee putson the task
  8. Job Dissatisfaction
    • Unsafe Working Conditions,
    • Personal Disposition,
    • task complexity,
    • co‑workers and supervisors,
    • and pay satisfaction
  9. Pay structure
    refers to the relative pay of different jobs (job structure) and how much they are paid (pay structure).
  10. Pay level
    is the average pay in organizations, including wages, salaries, and bonuses.
  11. Job structure
    is the relative pay of jobs in organizations (i.e., the range of pay often expressed by salary grades).
  12. Nonkey jobs
    are unique to organizations and cannot be directly valued or compared through the use of market surveys
  13. Key jobs
    are benchmark jobs that have relatively stable content and are common to many organizations so that market‑pay survey data can be obtained.
  14. •Rate
    • ranges refer to different employees in the same job
    • that may have different pay rates.
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