Mental Health Nursing

  1. Assertive community treatment (ACT)
    An intensive type of case management developed in response to community-living needs of people with serious, persistent psychiatric symptoms and patterns of repeated hospitalization for services such as emergency room and inpatient care
  2. Barriers to treatment
    Reasons preventing people from receiving the help they need for mental illness
  3. Continuum of psychiatric mental health treatment
    Levels of treatment for psychiatric mental health
  4. Decompensation
    Deterioration of mental health and loss of control due to inability to compensate for mental illness due to stress
  5. Deinstitutionalization
    Shifting of psychiatric patients from state hospitals to the community
  6. Ethical Dilemmas
    A situation in which there is a conflict between two or more courses of action, each carrying favorable and unfavorable consequences
  7. Serious Mental Illness
    Mental disorders that interfere with some area of social functioning
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Mental Health Nursing
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