history 3:5

  1. Shi Huangdi
    • "first emperor"
    • Zheng
    • ruler of Qin who united China
  2. Qin dynasty
    221BC - 206BC
  3. classical age
    when civilization sets patterns in gov, philosophy, religion, science, and art as framework for other cultures
  4. Han fezi
    he based the teachings of legalism
  5. legalism
    • greed is motive for actions and conflicts
    • strict way of order and power
  6. Xianyang
    shi Huangdi's capital
  7. great wall
    connected walls of feudal states
  8. Han dynasty
    202BC - 220AD
  9. Gao Zu
    peasant leader who founded Han dynasty
  10. Wudi
    most famous Han emperor 141BC - 87BC
  11. Confucian
    "men of wisdom and virtue"
  12. Xian
    site of Wudi's imperial university
  13. monopoly
    complete control of product or business by one person or group
  14. expasionism
    expanding a country's territory
  15. silk road
    • network of trade routes linking China to the west and middle east
    • 4000 mi
  16. civil servants
    officials in government
  17. Five Classics
    collection of histories, poems, and handbooks put together by Confucius and others
  18. compiled
    created by gathering things together
  19. Sui dynasty
    set up civil services exam
  20. civil service
    exams taken by men to determine their status 580AD - 1912AD
  21. warlords
    local military rulers
  22. "Red Eyebrows"
    "Green Woodsmen"
    rebelious peasants who fled to mountains and formed secret group of bandits
  23. Han China/period
    • "people of Han"
    • most technilogically advanced civilization in the world
  24. seismograph
    detect and measure earthquakes
  25. Wang Chong
    • disagreed that comets and eclipses showed heaven's anger
    • believed that no scientific theories should be accepted unless supported by proof
  26. acupuncture
    • 2500BC
    • inserting of needles into skin at specific points to relieve pain or treat various illness
  27. Cailun
    invented method of papermaking from wood pulp
  28. Lessons for Women
    • handbook of behavior
    • 100AD
  29. Ban Zhao
    author of women and men behavior book
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