1. John Hays
    • -a lieutenant in the American Revolution
    • -one of the oldast American Jewish families
    • -Live in Illinois 1793
    • -served for 20yrs as sheriff of St. Clair County
  2. Jane Addams
    • Leader in woman suffrage and world peace
    • Help nation to issues of concern to mothers, such as children, publick health, and world peace
  3. Andrew Carnegie
    • Steel indrustrial leader
    • Believe in education or reading
    • Give money to establish liberia
  4. John Dewey
    • Educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform
    • The founders of funtional psychology
    • A major representative of progressive education and liberalism
  5. John D. Rockefeller
    • The founder of the Standard Oil Company
  6. Upton Sinclair
    • An American author
    • It exposed conditions in the U.S. meat packing industry, causing a public uproar that contributed in part to the passage a few months later of the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act
  7. W.E.B DuBois
    • An American sociologist, historian, civil rights activist, Pan-Africanist, author, and editor
    • One of the co-founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1909
    • Racism was the main target of Du Bois's polemics
  8. Ida B. Wells
    • An African American journalist, newspaper editor
    • An early leader in the civil rights movement
    • She was active in the women's rights and the women's suffrage movement
  9. Booker T. Washington
    • American educator, author, orator, and political leader Washington was born into slavery to Jane, an enslaved woman, and a white father
    • Work greatly helped blacks to achieve higher education
  10. William Sumner
    He was also the first to teach a course entitled "Sociology American academic and "held the first professorship in sociology" at Yale College
  11. Robert LaFollette
    best remembered as a proponent of progressivism and a vocal opponent of railroad trusts, bossism, World War I, and the League of Nations.
  12. Charles Beard
    • Beard was famous as a political liberal, but he strenuously opposed American entry into World War II, for which he blamed Franklin D. Roosevelt more than Japan or Germany
  13. Mary Harris
    A prominent American labor and community organizer, who helped coordinate major strikes and co-founded the Industrial Workers of the World.
  14. Jack London
    • An American author, journalist, and social activist
    • One of the first fiction writers to obtain worldwide celebrity and a large fortune from his fiction alone
    • Best remembered as the author of Call of the Wild and White Fang,
  15. John Muir
    • American naturalist, author, and early advocate of preservation of wilderness in the United States
    • Helped to save the Yosemite Valley, Sequoia National Park and other wilderness areas
  16. Alice Paul
    • American suffragist and activist
    • Led a successful campaign for women's suffrage that resulted in the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920
  17. Henry Ford
    • American industrialist, the founder of the Ford Motor Company
    • Sponsor of the development of the assembly line technique of mass production
    • As owner of the Ford Motor Company, he became one of the richest and best-known people in the world
  18. Frederick Turner
    • He traveled over 60,000 miles throughout Australia botanizing
    • He is the holder of many medals and diplomas for economic botany
  19. Margaret Sanger
    American sex educator, nurse, and birth control activist
  20. Jacob Riis
    • He is known for using his photographic and journalistic talents to help the impoverished in New York City
    • He attempted to alleviate the bad living conditions of poor people by exposing their traditionalism to middle class ridicule
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