Historical Perspectives

  1. What are some influencing factors from the history of nursing?
    • Some influencing factors from the history of nursing include:
    • Society's beliefs regarding the cause of illness
    • Value placed upon individual life
    • Role of women in society
  2. Describe the prehistoric times from nursing history.
    • During prehistorical civilization, there were spiritual leaders that were responsible for care.
    • There were no hospitals because all the care was being done in the home.
  3. Describe the ancient civilizations from nursing history.
    • Much variation depending on civilization.
    • Care done in temples, "ambulatory clinics", and "hospitals"
    • Religion was still a huge factor during this time
  4. Describe the medieval times from nursing history.
    • Religious and secular orders
    • Devotion to duty
    • Started to see the nursing role early on.
    • Hospitals were in monasteries where men/women took care of people by focusing on the soul rather than trying to take care of the actual illness.
    • They used cutting open, lycheeing, bandaging.
    • Cleanliness and duty was the main focus.
    • Bathing and keeping hygiene helped the infection rate.
    • Nurses taught one another... whoever was the best was the one teaching the next.
  5. Describe the military time from nursing history.
    • Crusades
    • There were a lot of sick and injured soldiers during the Crusades.
    • There were soldier nurses who would wear a suit of armor to protect themselves and wear a red cross so that people knew they were there to help.
  6. Describe the Renaissance period from nursing history.
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