European Quiz- West Central Europe

  1. The Netherlands uses many ____ to take water out from areas that are inhabited because it is below sea level
    The Netherlands use Polders to transfer water so that the area doesn't floodImage Upload 1
  2. What is the currency in most European countries? What is one place that doesn't use this currency? What is their currency?
    • Image Upload 2
    • The currency in most European countries is the Euro. One place that doesn't use the Euro in Europe is England, and they use the pound.
  3. One big seaport in the Netherlands is _________, the Dutch rely on this for food to eat and sell, and for ______________.
    A huge seaport in the Netherlands is the Rotterdam seaport. This seaport is very helpful to the Dutch so they can fish for food and to sell, and for transportation.
  4. What is a special shoe that the Dutch wear, especially for festivals? Why did they wear these?
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    • The Dutch usually wear clogs to festivals. Clogs are wooden shoes that are used for their tap-tap sound in festivals nowaday. They used to wear these because leather shoes were too expensive.
  5. What is one big religion in the Netherlands?
  6. What does the Switzerland flag look like?
    The Switzerland flag is red with a white cross in the middle.
  7. What mountain chain runs through Switzerland? How much of the land does it cover?
    The mountain chain that runs through Switzerland is called the Alps. The Alps cover about 60% of Switzerland.
  8. What is Switzerland's largest city?
    Zurich, Zurich is not the capital though. Bern is the capital of Switzerland.
  9. What is one big food in Switzerland and what is it?
    Fondue is basically melted cheese to make a cheese sauce.
  10. What is one decoration in Switzerland that serves a purpose and what does it do?
    The Swiss cowbell is one decoration that the Swiss hang in front of their doors. These are useful when on cows to locate them.
  11. What is one castle in Switzerland?
    The Chillon Castle on lake Geneva is an important castle.
  12. There are ___+ breads is Germany
    300, but they don't pasturize their cheese that much.
  13. Germany contains more ______ _____ than anywhere else!
    Soccer clubs
  14. What is one big thing that produces electricity for a lot of Germany?
    Wind turbines
  15. _____ wall split Germany into the ____ and the ____
    The Berlin wall split Germany into the East and the West.
  16. What is one big landmark in Frace that holds a cafe at the top?
    The Eiffel Tower
  17. France- What is a tasty soup made out of ingrediants that were already made.
    hint, hint!
    Tout fait soup
  18. In France, the terrain is ____ with _____ in the _____ and the West.
    The terrain in France is typically flat with hills in the North and in the West.
  19. What are some religions in France?
    Muslim, Jewish, Protestant, and Roman Catholic.
  20. What river goes through Paris, France?
    The Seine River goes through Paris, France.
  21. True or False?

    The Alps run through France.
    True! Mont Blanc is the tallest peak!
  22. What does Belgium rely a lot on?
  23. Yummy yummy! What desert is found here and in the americas?
  24. What is a famous tourist attraction in Belgium opens on August 14th?
    • Image Upload 4
    • The Begonia Flower Carpet
  25. What cave in Belgium is the 2nd most spectacular cave Europe?
    The Han-Sur-Lesse cave
  26. What is the capital of Belgium?
    • Brussels
    • Hint: think of Belgium, Brussels
    • OR Belgian waffles and Brussel sprouts :)
  27. Belgium borders what sea?
    The North Sea!
  28. What delightful breakfast is found in Belgium?
    Belgian waffles.
  29. What game is BIG is Belgium?
  30. What festival is big in Belgium?
    Carnival de Binche (Mardi Gras) that is after ash wednsday

    (Festivals are BIG)
  31. What is a cool landmark is Belgium besides the 2nd most spectaular cave in Europe?
    The Automium is a big thing that looks like atoms, you can ride escalators to get to the top to see the capital of Belgium, Brussels.
  32. What is a BIG rollercoaster in Belgium?
    Loup Garou and it goes over water!
  33. Where does the Sound of Music originate from?
  34. What is the capital of Austria?
  35. What is a cool food in Austria?
    • Image Upload 5
    • Wiener-Schnitzel
  36. What is a major holiday in Austria?
  37. What river in Austria is important for trade and travel?
    The Rhine River
  38. Austria is well known for what?
  39. What is Austria's main language?
  40. What mountain range covers almost all of Austria?
    The Alps
  41. Austria uses a lot of...
    Oil, coal, copper, and zinc.
  42. Austria has the oldest ___ in the world.
  43. What is Austria's electricity 60% made up of?
    Renewable sources
  44. What is a big tourist attraction in Austria?
    Riesorad Ferris Wheel is a big tourist attraction in Austria
  45. Austria uses what currency?
    Euro.... again...
  46. What christmasy object lights up at night in Austria?
    The light Nutcracker
  47. What is a famous castle in Luxembourg?
    The Viaden Castle
  48. The cities in Luxembourg are really _____ and _____
    Luxembourg cities are very green and clean.
  49. What is very populous in Luxembourg?
  50. What is a big palace in Luxembourg?
    Grand Ducal Palace which has a very renaissance style.
  51. Luxembourg has a VERY _____ climate.
  52. Luxembourg gets a vigorious with from the _____.
  53. Luxembourg residants speak...
    French, German, and Luxembourgish
  54. What is a big mountain chain in Luxembourg?
    The Adrennes Mountains
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