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  1. a can of worms
    a situation that involves a complicated set of problems that you discover when you start dealing with it: You opened a real can of worms with that last question.
  2. contrast
    something that is different from something else in a very noticeable way: The little village was a total contrast to San Francisco.
  3. chastise
    1. to punish someone by hitting them. 2. to criticize someone
  4. firestorm
    1. a very large fire that is caused by bombs. 2. a sudden expression of strong protests or criticism
  5. hypocrisy
    behavior in which someone claims to have certain moral principles or beliefs but behaves in a way that shows they are not sincere
  6. hypocritical
    claiming to have certain moral principles or beliefs but behaving in a way that shows you are not sincere
  7. hypocrite
    a person who claims to have certain moral principles or beliefs but behaves in a way that shows they are not sincere
  8. (let's) face it
    used before saying something that people might not want to accept, although it is true: Let's face it, unless we plan ahead we are going to be in trouble.
  9. public figure
    a well-known person, especially a politician
  10. get on with something
    to give your time to something and make progress with it: Our priority now is to get on with the job of developing a comprehensive test ban treaty. Congress must get on with addressing these long-standing issues.
  11. flinch
    to make a sudden small movement because you are afraid, surprised, or in pain: Pamela flinched each time he yelled at her.
  12. not flinch
    if someone does not flinch, they remain calm despite danger or shock: She was used to people shouting at her, and didn't flinch.
  13. that (being) said or having said that
    used for adding an opinion that seems to be the opposite of what you have just said, although you think both are true: The economy is struggling. That said, house prices rose slightly last month. It's expensive. Having said that, I must admit that it is very well made.
  14. make a bed
    to arrange the covers on a bed so that they are neat: Remember to make your bed before you leave for school.
  15. hate on someone
    to insult or verbally attack someone. originally implied jelousy, now also used for more generally applied abuse.
  16. off-the-wall
    strange, often in a funny or interesting way: off-the-wall humor
  17. onslaught
    1. an attack. 2. large numbers of people or things that come at the same time and are difficult to deal with
  18. newfound
    recently gained: She wants to continue living normally despite her newfound wealth. a newfound confidence/enthusiasm/optimism
  19. bottom line
    1. BUSINESS the amount of money that a business makes or loses: He keeps a careful eye on the bottom line. 2. the most basic fact or issue in a situation: The bottom line is that he lied to Congress.
  20. cop out
    to avoid doing something that you should do because it is difficult
  21. cop-out
    something you say or do to avoid doing what you should do: Telling him you're ill sounds like a cop-out to me.
  22. melee
    1. a noisy confused fight involving a lot of people. 2. a large confused group of people or things
  23. not just yet
    used for saying that the time for something has not happened yet but will happen soon: I'm going back to New York, but not just yet.
  24. decompress
    1. to reduce the pressure on something, especially air pressure. 2. to change a compressed computer file back to its full size
  25. imminent
    likely or certain to happen very soon: Many species of animal are in imminent danger of extinction.
  26. polish
    an act of rubbing an object to make it shine: This table needs a good polish.
  27. first thing (in the morning)
    at the very beginning of the day: I phoned them first thing this morning.
  28. Holly Hobbie
    an American writer and illustrator, and the name of a fictional character based on this person.
  29. frock
    1. a dress. 2. a long loose piece of clothing with sleeves that some priests and monks wear
  30. custom
    created especially for a particular person: custom systems software
  31. dead stock
    Goods that cannot be sold, clothing which was never worn or sold to the public. Usually forgotten stockpiles from warehouses
  32. migraine
    a very bad headache that often makes you unable to bear strong light: He suffers from migraines.
  33. mouth
    1. to form words with your mouth but not make any sound: She mouthed something I couldn't make out. 2. to say something without really meaning or understanding what you say
  34. triplet
    a baby that is born at the same time as two other babies to the same mother. Two babies born together are twins and four babies born together are quadruplets.
  35. jitney
    A jitney is a North American English term which originally referred to a livery vehicle intermediate between a taxi and a bus.
  36. weedkiller
    a substance used for killing weeds
  37. dry out
    1. if something dries out or is dried out, some or all the water comes out of it: Water the ground regularly to stop it from drying out. 2. to give up drinking alcohol, or to help someone do this, especially by getting medical treatment
  38. freak show
    1. an exhibition (as a sideshow) featuring freaks of nature. 2. someone who acts in a freakish manner
  39. look
    the appearance that someone or something has: The town had a very run-down look about it. By the looks of him, he hadn't had a bath for days.
  40. show and tell
    an activity in which children bring an object into their classroom and tell the other children about it
  41. dry dock
    a place where a ship or boat can be taken out of the water and repaired
  42. senior
    older: Who is the senior member of the household?
  43. pail
    1. an open metal or plastic container with a handle, used for carrying liquid and soft substances such as sand or earth. 2. the things in a pail, or the amount that a pail contains
  44. soaking
    extremely wet: My socks are soaking! You're soaking wet!
  45. spritz
    to spray a liquid on someone or something: We suggest you spritz your hair with water first.
  46. weirdo
    someone who behaves in a way that seems strange
  47. do someone dirt
    to treat someone very badly
  48. sprung
    being very attracted to a person, obsession often mistaken for love: I know we've only been talking for 2 hours, but you've got me sprung.
  49. mush
    1. a thick soft substance: The potatoes will turn to mush if they are overcooked.
  50. mush
    2. something that is romantic in a way that seems silly and not sincere. 3. a thick food made by boiling cornmeal with water or milk, eaten at breakfast
  51. mushy
    1. consisting of a thick soft mass: mushy potatoes. 2. romantic in a way that seems silly and not sincere: a mushy movie
  52. mush up
    to cause to become mushy: My baby's food needs to be mushed up before she can eat it.
  53. slight
    to be rude to someone by ignoring them or by not showing them respect
  54. lose your mind
    to become crazy or very confused: I must be losing my mind -- I was sure I put the keys here!
  55. if you ask me
    used before you give someone your opinion about something: If you ask me, she doesn't really want the job.
  56. scam
    a dishonest plan, especially for getting money
  57. lighten up
    used for telling someone to be less serious: Oh, lighten up, it's not a matter of life or death.
  58. trick or treat
    a custom in which children visit your home at halloween and say "Trick or treat?" as a way of asking for candy: a greeting by children asking for treats on Halloween and threatening to play a trick on those who refuse to give them.
  59. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
    "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is a short story by Washington Irving contained in his collection The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent., written while he was living in Birmingham, England, and first published in 1820. With Irving's companion piece "Rip Van Winkle", "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is among the earliest examples of American fiction still read today.
  60. strings
    special conditions that limit an offer or agreement: If there are any strings involved, I'm really not interested. The money was given with no strings attached.
  61. Episcopalian
    a member of the Episcopal Church or of another church that developed from the Anglican Church
  62. massacre
    1. the action of killing of a lot of people: the massacre of unarmed civilians. 2. a serious defeat in a game or competition
  63. board up
    to cover a window or door with wooden boards: All the windows were either broken or boarded up.
  64. convenient
    something that is convenient gives someone an advantage or opportunity, often in a way that is slightly dishonest: a convenient excuse. How very convenient that you were sick on the day all the work had to be done.
  65. lame
    done without much effort in a way that seems as though you are not trying very hard: Saturday's game was a lame performance.
  66. cackle
    to laugh in a loud, unpleasant, and sometimes unkind way
  67. piss off
    1. to leave somewhere. 2. to annoy someone very much: It really pisses me off when you talk like that. 3. used for telling someone to go away or that you are annoyed with them: 'Can I borrow $20?' 'Piss off!'
  68. bum
    1. someone who spends all their time doing an activity or being in a place they enjoy. a beach bum. 2. someone without a job or place to live who asks people for money in the street. 3. a lazy person
  69. plow
    to turn over the soil before planting seeds using a plow: The fields were being plowed for winter wheat. 2. to move snow to the side of a street using a snow plow so that people can walk or drive easily: City workers were out plowing the streets as soon as the snow began to fall.
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