1. 1st general order
    to take charge of this post and all government property in view
  2. second general order
    to walk my post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing.
  3. third general order
    to report all violations of orders i am instructed to enforce.
  4. fourth general order
    to repeat all calls from posts more distant from the guardhouse then my own
  5. 5th general order
    to quit my post only when properly relieved
  6. 6th general order
    to receive, obey, and pass on to the sentry who relieves me all orders from the commanding officer, officer of the day, and officers and petty officers of the guard only.
  7. 7th general order
    to talk to no one except in the line of duty
  8. 8th general order
    to give the alarm in case of fire or disorder
  9. 9th general order
    to call the petty officer of the guard in any case not covered by instructions
  10. 10th general order
    to salute all officers and all colors and standards not cased.
  11. 11th general order
    to be especially watchful at night and during the time for challenging, to challenge all persons on or near my post, and to allow no one to pass without proper authority.
  12. name the 3 classes of vessels in the inception of the navy?
    • ship fo the line
    • frigates
    • sloops of war
  13. secdef
  14. secnav
  15. chairman, joint chiefs of staff
    ADM Mullen
  16. CNO
    ADM greenert
  17. MCPON
    Master Chief Rick West
  18. CO
    Capt Paul Savage
  19. XO
    CDR Whitt
  20. CMC
    CMDCM Sweeney
  21. What are the two forms of effective communication between units and give examples of each
    • informal (official email)
    • formal (naval message)
  22. describe date time group
    12 digit alpha numeric code that tells you the exact date and time that a naval message was submitted
  23. what does a DTG consist of, give example
    • 2 digit date
    • 5 digit zulu time
    • 3 digit month
    • 2 digit year
    • (220001ZAPR99)
  24. what is on the NAVPERS 1070/602
    • record of emergency data
    • beneficiares
    • SGLI election
    • name and address of dependents
    • Pri/Sec NOK
  25. What is on the NAVPERS 1070/604
    • Quals
    • Awards
    • Advancement Dates
    • Record of Schools
    • NRTC's
    • ASVAB score
  26. who appoints the ombudsman?
  27. What is the significance of the battel of Guaducanal?
    • Five Sullivan Bros from waterloo, IA. app participated in the battle on the same ship... they all died in battle and left their family with no direct heir.
    • this action forced the changing of the navy's policy about family members serving aboard the same vessle.
  28. What are the three levels of war
    • tactical
    • operational
    • strategic
  29. name the six areas that compirse the naval doctrine
    • command and control
    • ops
    • warfare
    • logistics
    • intel
    • planning
  30. what was the first navy ship named after an enlsited person.
    • USS osmond ingram (dd 255)
    • 1st enlisted person killed in WWI
  31. when is the Navy's Birthday?
    13 OCT 1775
  32. What is the significance of the battle of the coral sea?
    • Two fleets never saw each other
    • first ever carrier to carrier battle
  33. What was the significance from the battle of Midway?
    • turning point of WWII in the pacific
    • 4 japanese carriers were sunk and only one US carrier lost, ending the period of Japanese initiative pacific war
  34. What was the significance of the battle of leyte gulf?
    • Final blow to japanese navy
    • after this battle japan was no longer a serious threat to US in pacific. Marked the end of major combat operations in pacific during WWII
  35. What is the signifigance of the battle of normandy?
    • Largest amphibious assult
    • 2500 ships
  36. What does EDVR stand for and how many sections does it contain?
    • EDVR (Enlisted Distribution Verification Report)
    • contains 13 sections including CCC, 12/13 acceptable
  37. List US Navy's Fleets, their AOR, and HQ
    • 2nd: Atlantic (Norfolk VA)
    • 3rd: Pacific (pearl Harbor, HI)
    • 5th: Middle east and North Africa (Bahrain)
    • 6th: Naval Forces Europe (Naples, Italy)
    • 7th: West Pacific (Japan)
    • 4th: Southeast and Central America (Mayport FL)
    • 10th: US Cyber Command (Ft Meade, MD)
  38. What are the manuals that give the CO his authority?
    • UCMJ
    • Navy Regulations
  39. What is a NAVPERS 1626/7?
    Report Disposition of Offenses (Report Chit)
  40. Who does the MOOW make 12 O'Clock Reports to?
    • CDO (inport)
    • CO (underway)
  41. What is the purpose of the 8 O'Clock Reports?
    Status of each department to XO/CDO
  42. What is the purpose of the 12 O'Clock Reports?
    Status of the ship to the CO CDO
  43. Give Three Examples of 12 O'Clock Reports
    • Draft Report
    • Boat Report
    • Muster Report
    • Magazine Report
    • Fuel and water Report
  44. Recite the messenger verbadge to the CO/CDO for 12 O'Clock Reports
    Good Morning sir, The officer of the deck sends his respects and wishes to inform you of the approaching hour of 12 O'Clock. All chornometers have been compared, respectfully request to strike 8 bells on time.
  45. Describe the Watch, Quarter and Station Bill
    Composite of all the various types of bills. Tell each person where they should be and what they should be doing for every evolution.
  46. What is a page 13 and give at least 4 examples.
    • administrative remarks (Catch all page) used to enter anything into the service record that would not go on any other pages.
    • CO's mast
    • PRT Failure
    • Alcohol prevention
    • Command policy
    • Sea counter
    • Code of conduct
    • Sexual harrassment
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