N11 Exam 2

  1. What are the four major categories of health services?

    • 1. health promotion and maintenance
    • 2. illness prevention
    • 3. diagnosis and treatment
    • 4. rehab and long term care
  2. What is the difference between health promotion/maintenance and illness prevention
    Illness prevention address health problems AFTER risk factors are identified, whereas health promotion servces seeks to prevent their development
  3. A person has been using alcohol and is at risk for developing health problems. What category of health service would this scenario apply to
    Illness prevention
  4. Heavy emphasis is placed upon which health service category
    Diagnosis and treatment
  5. The use of a CT scan or a nonvasive test applies to which category of health services
    Diagnosis and treatment
  6. Home care companies are an example of what classifcation of health care agenecies?
    For profit
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N11 Exam 2
N11 Exam 2