1. A basic unit of work in SharePoint. Consist of artifacts that can include assemblies, pages, controls, workflows and are identified by specifically constructed xml files that identify the item to the SharePoint product framework.
  2. SharePoint 2010 provides a way to bundle extnesion to the sharepoint environment. The extensions are bound ina solution that consists of a single cabinet file with a .wsp extension. This file can contain features, site definitions, application pages and site pages, web parts, workflow extension, external content types etc.
  3. What are the two trust levels for a SharePoint Solution?
    Farm and Sandbox
  4. _______________ solutions can be deployed by the site collection owner and are run in a secure monitored process that has limited resource access.
  5. Visual studio 2010 requires that SharePoint environment be installed on the local environment that development is being done on.
    T or F?
  6. Sandbox solutions do not run in the same __________ ______ as the SharePoint site.
    Application Pool
  7. SharePoint Sandbox Solutions run in a seperate service called the ___________________________.
    Windows SharePoint Services User Code Host
  8. This file is an XML formatted file that the ShrePoint product knows how to interpret which contains the module of the project, SharePoint URL path to the container folder, the web part list type the part is based from and the name of the web part.
  9. This file is an XML formatted file that highlights necessary information about the web part, such as typ, error messages, and properties of the webpart.
  10. ________________________ have a certain amount of overhead and limitations to them in that you will be interacting with a SharePoint list as opposed to a transactional database.
    External Content Types
  11. What does CAML stand for?
    Collaboration Application Markup Language
  12. What class is primarily targeted toward querying individual lists or document libraries?
    SPQuery object
  13. What tool can be used to generate LINQ to SharePoint object models to run against?
  14. After building a package file from visual studio where is the package file stored?
    the build directory /bin/debug or /bin/release
  15. Once you have created a package you can take the .wsp file from your environment and install it on a test or production server using a command from what tool?
  16. What powershell command do you use to ad your solution to your solution store?
    Add-SPSolution c:\temp\mywsp.wsp
  17. If your solution is a sandboxed solution what command would you use instead of Add-SPSolution?
  18. Once the solution is Deployed using Add-SPSolution what command would you use to install the solution?
    Install-SPSolution -Identity mywebpart.wsp -WebApplication http://sitename -GACDeployment
  19. What are three powershell commands to use related to managing solutions.
    • Update-SPSolution
    • Uninstall-SPSolution
    • Remove-SPSolution
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