Vocab List 6

  1. deferential
    respectful and polite
  2. definitive
    decisive or explicit
  3. deft
    skillful, dexterous
  4. deleterious
    harmful, destructive, detrimental
  5. demur
    to express doubts or objections
  6. demure
    modest, resevred in manner
  7. denigrate
    to slur or blacken someone's reputation
  8. derogate
    to belittle, Make (someone or something) seem unimportant
  9. desultory
    at random, unmethodical, rambling
  10. dichotomy
    division into two parts
  11. diffidence
    shyness, lack of confidence
  12. dilatory
    slow, tending to delay
  13. dirge
    funeral hymn
  14. disaffected
    discontented and disloyal
  15. disburse
    to pay out
  16. disclaim
    to deny
  17. discretionary
    subject to one's own judgement
  18. discursive
    wandering from topic to topic
  19. disheveled
    untidy, unkempt
  20. dispassionate
    impartial, unbiased
  21. dissemble
    to pretend, disguise one's motives
  22. dissention
    difference of opinion
  23. dissonant
    harsh and unpleasant sounding
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