aphg geography ch 7

  1. balcanized
    a state breaks down through conflicts among its ethnicitys
  2. balcanization
    small geographic area that could not be organized due to the ethnic group
  3. ethnic cleansing
    a dominat ethnic group atempts to wipe out another ethnic group
  4. cenripital force
    a force that unifys people
  5. multi ethnic state
    a state that contains more than 1 ethnisity
  6. multinational state
    contains 2 ethnic groups that are practul and acepting
  7. nationalism
    loyalty to a nationality
  8. nation state
    when a stae has its own nationality
  9. nationality
    the identy of a group of people who share personal alegions of a country
  10. self determination
    the belief that ethnisities can govern themselfd
  11. block busting
    real estate agents sold houses for cheap to white men couldent have them
  12. apartheied
    seperation of dif racises to dif areas
  13. share crooper
    works the feild rented from a land owner and shares the crops with the land owner
  14. racist
    a persone who subscibes to racism
  15. racism
    beleife that 1 race is superiortriangular slave trade
  16. triangular slave trade
    ships from europe that used a 3 point trading route including europe africa and the USA
  17. race
    identity with people who share a biological ancestor
  18. ethnicity
    identity with a group of people who share cultural traditions of a land
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