1. What is the story of state of nature analogous to ?
    Creation story. State of nature explains what we were like prior to to civil society to secure our survival where there was no institutions; reinforce that men is wicked by nature (sin becomes natural in this way). Creation story explains that we were originally innocent, then sin comes along
  2. What makes us equal to one another?
    The capacity to kill each other
  3. What is the right of nature? How does it differ from Locke's view?
    Right to everything that we deem necessary for survival (right of self-preservation). Right of self-preservation can be given up for something greater.
  4. What doesn't Hobbes mention? What did Hobbes found? And what can one never do?
    He doesn't mention the higher good; no telos; no greater good. Founder of modern liberalism; right over good. One can never do anything to place his self preseration in jeopardy.
  5. What is the highest good and evil for Hobbes?
    no highest good; greatest evil is death
  6. What is the natural law according to Hobbes?
    Endeavor peace by all means (defend ourselves); willing to lay down our right, seek peace in order to pursue our material desires. Give up all right except the right of self-preservation.
  7. What is the role of the social contract according to Hobbes? Will Leviathan ever work?
    When we give up our right, we make a social contract. Sovereign will have aboslute power, you are obliged to follow unless it endangers your life. For Leviathan to work, it has to be really really big.
  8. Why do sovereigns make laws? How does it differ in Aquinas's ideals?
    To control us. We follow laws because of fear of death and to preserve our lives (leave state of nature). Protect us from each other, keep the body count down so that we can pursue our material desires in state of peace. Laws no longer ordered to anything than what those political power institute: to rule and order (keep wickness at bay). Aquinas wants people to reach the life of excellence. Human laws needs to be consistent with divine laws.
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