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    • Cardiologist
    • One who specializes in the study of diseases and disorders of the heart.
  1. Cardiology
    The study of the heart
  2. Carditis
    Inflammation of the heart
  3. Cardiac
    Pertaining to the heart
  4. Dermatosis
    Any condition of the skin.
  5. Acrodermatitis
    Inflammation of the skin of the extremities. -itis is a suffix, -dermat is a word root, -acr ( extremities) is a word root.
  6. Cardiomyopathy
    Any disease that affects the structure and function of the heart. There are two root words: cardi and my (meaning muscle).
  7. Combining form.
    A combining form is created when a word root is combined with a vowel.
  8. Myoelectric
    Pertaining to the electrical properties of the muscle. There are two roots : my and electr.
  9. Lymphadenopathy
    Literally means any disease of the lymph nodes (but refers to enlargement of the lymph nodes, by dictionary definition). There are two roots: lymph and aden (meaning gland).
  10. Megalocardia
    Enlargement of the heart.
  11. Algia
  12. Cardialgia
    Pain in the heart.
  13. -Centesis
    Surgical puncture.
  14. Cardiocentesis
    Surgical puncture of the heart.
  15. Megaly or Megal/o
  16. Endo
    Within or inner.
  17. Endocardium
    Within the heart, inner lining of the heart. -um (structure, tissue, or thing) is a noun suffix.
  18. -um
    Structure, tissue, or thing.
  19. Intracardiac
    Pertaining to within the heart.
  20. -ac
    Pertaining to.
  21. Pericardial
    Pertaining to around the heart. -peri (around) -al (pertaining to ).
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