1. What is provided to the base contracting office when contract quarters are considered?
    PWS or MOU detailing the specific services and conditions required of the CL establishment or apartment complex
  2. Who provides the base contracting office documents once contract quarters are considered?
    The general manager
  3. What is provided to the guest when authorizing CL establishment?
    Provide your guest a letter of authorization that identifies the traveler and verifies their duty status
  4. When off-base CL establishments are initially being considered for use, who must make sure they meet the conditions of the PWS/MOU?
    The general manager, contracting, public health, and fire protection officials
  5. What type of lodging is not authorized during contingency or wartime operations?
    Space-A lodging
  6. How much time is provided to the locator service in contingency lodging?
    24 hours
  7. What is the primary bedding during contingencies?
    sleeping bags
  8. What funds are prohibited to support contingency lodging operations?
  9. What type of consideration is given to long-term TDY members?
    If possible, assign long-term TDY members to those facilities having the most "livable" amenities suitable for a lengthy stay.
  10. What are the four basic site selections?
    • 1) Good natural cover
    • 2) High dry ground
    • 3) Low noise levels
    • 4) Embankment hazards.
  11. Who must Services coordinate with for water support?
    Civil engineering
  12. How many pounds and how often is the medical staff allowed to use the laundry?
    Medical staff is allowed 32 pounds of clothing per week
  13. Why was the SHL system designated?
    For rapid deployment and continuous operation as a complete field laundry
  14. What items should you consider for setting up a contract laundry service in a deployed environment?
    • Before awarding support contracts, visit the local contractors' sites to confirm their capabilities to meet standards for performance.
    • 1) Make sure each contract covers accountability
    • 2) Determine what groups will be served and determine funding
    • 3) Establish drop-off and pick-up points (if different), bag and tag requirements (make sure requirements are possible for users to meet) and include bags and any marking capability in contract (if marking is not routine marking by users), hours of operation, and other equipment required (such as containers for bulk items)
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