Micro Lab 1

  1. Smear Prep
    Purpose: to determine the bacteria cell shape.

    -use clean slide apply 1-2 drops of distilled water to slide with flamed inoc. loop.

    -reflame the loop, transfer small amout of bacteria from medium surface (with water on slide.)

    -spread bacteria, water suspension into thin film which covers 3/4 slide surface; reflame loop.

    -allow smear to air dry completely

    • -heat "fix" smear per oral instruction.
    • (make bacteria stick to slide so it wont wash off with water. also it will kill it.)
  2. Bacteria Smear Prep.
    • basic stain: Methylene Blue
    • Image Upload 1

  3. Gram Staining Tech

    *most important tech.

    Purpose: A differential staining technique which separates bacteria into two groups: Gram Postive and Gram Negative.

    • -apply primary stain: Crystal Violet (3min)
    • -rinse
    • -apply mordant: Gram's Iodine (2min)
    • -rinse
    • -apply decolorizing agent: Ethyl Alcohol
    • -rinse
    • -apply counter stain: Safranin (1min)
  4. Gram Staining Tech
    • Gram (+) bacteria:
    • it will look purple because there are small amount of lipid in the cell wall.

    • Gram (-) bacteria:
    • it will look red because there are large amount of lipid in the cell wall.
  5. Gram Staining Tech

    • Bacillus subtillis (+) rods
    • Streptococcus Faecalis (+) circles
    • Eschericha Coli (-) rods
    • Neisseria Perflava (-) circles
    • Moraxella Brahamella (-) circles
  6. Gram Staining Tech

    (Bacillus Subtilis)
    Reaction: positive (+) so it should be purple and rods.

    Image Upload 2

    ha there are a mix of bac and coc in there. somehow...?
  7. Gram Staining Tech

    (Neisseria Perflava)
    Reaction: negative (-) should be purple and circles.

    Image Upload 3
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