ch. 9 us history

  1. american system....
    • -urged the federal govt. to encourage enterprise w/ roads, canals, and a nation bank.
    • -future of colony lay in commerce and trade
    • -new england objected to projects b/c espenses and threatened control
  2. economic panic of 1819 (recession)
    • BUS had +20 branches and competed w/ state banks
    • BUS had loose lending requirements
    • BUS only took gold and silver as payments from state banks
    • state banks fail, southerns / westenrs blame BUS
  3. causes of economic panic of 1819
    • inflation after 1812 war
    • trade stopped, latin amer. became competion
    • 1818 cotton prices drop b/c overproduction
    • congress tightens BUS lending,contraction of credit
    • over speculation of frontier land
  4. missouri compromise
    • petioned to become a state in 1817
    • would upset balance
    • coulnt enter until 1821 b/c maine entered as free state in 1820
    • compromise didnt allow slavery north of 36 30 in lousiana territory
  5. war of 1812 increased nationalism how?
    • american painters amer. land
    • building a nice national capital
    • expaned army
  6. the era of good feelings is decribed as...
    being marked by deep divisions over economical and sectional issues
  7. john quincy adams presidency...
    • 1824 elected
    • 'currupt baragain' when appointed henry clay as sec. of state
    • least succesful president
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