Quiz #7: Personal Courage

  1. According to the core values redux, what does personal courage demonstrate?
    the courage of your convictions
  2. as stated in the core values of the true brother, what does personal courage depict?
    depicts the premier virtue that enables us to persevere despite fear, danger, or adversity.
  3. what did army specialist joe darby do to uphold his personal moral code and show personal courage?
    turned in photos of his closest friends that showed them abusing detainees
  4. 2 forms of courage. example for each
    physical and moral courage. physical: overcoming fears of bodily harm. Moral: is the commitment to stand firm on matters of principal and conviction.
  5. four roles of the true brother. briefly define each
    • 1) faithful steward: strives to leave lca better than he found it
    • 2) servant leader: always seeks to provide for the legitimate needs of his people and his organization
    • 3) leader of character: always prepared to make ethical decisions and to take responsibility to those decisions
    • 4) lifetime brother: looks for ways to continue to serve because he sees real value in his own experience
  6. high phi? Pin number? 3 duties
    • Greg ryan. 1307.
    • 1) oversees the performances of LCA's rituals
    • 2) works with high kappa initiation activities
    • 3) trains ritual team
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