Chapter 4 Test Study Guide

  1. What caused a conflict between the English settlers in Carolina and the Spanish settlers in Florida?
    The Spanish allowed runaway slaves to remain free.
  2. Who were the Seminoles?
    The Seminoles were Native American allies of the British in Florida who stayed in Florida.
  3. Who was an ally of France and its North American allies, in the French and Indian war?
  4. What is a treaty?
    A treaty is an agreement between groups or countries.
  5. How did the British regain control of Florida.
    Spain exchanged it for Cuba.
  6. Who were the Patriots?
    They were against British rule.
  7. What was the American Revolution?
    The colonist fight for independence.
  8. During the war with Britain, who was loyal to Britain?
    Most colonist in East and West Florida.
  9. How did Spain encourage settlement in Florida?
    Spain offered land grant to settlers.
  10. How did the United States take control of New Orleans?
    The United States took part in the Louisiana Purchase.
  11. What is an interpreter?
    A person who translates what someone says into another language.
  12. What was the Revolution?
    What the British colonists took part in to gain independence from Britain.
  13. What is a indentured servant?
    A person who agrees to work for another person without pay for a certain length of time in return for travel and living expenses.
  14. What are raw materials?
    A natural resource that can be used to make a product.

    Some examples are fish, wood, and iron.
  15. What is a plantation?
    A large farm.
  16. Who ruled Florida twice?
  17. Who wanted to establish trading posts?
    Britain and Spain
  18. Who gave land grants to settlers?
    Britain and Spain
  19. Who traded with Native Americans?
    Britain and Spain
  20. Who split Florida into two colonies?
  21. Who wanted to protect its shipping routes?
  22. Both Spain and Englan wanted to control Florida. Write a paragraph from the point of view of a Spanish or an English settler. Use facts and opinions to explain why your country should control Florida.
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