Food nutrition

  1. What do the mouth do?
    Chews and mix food with saliva
  2. What do the pharynx do?
    Direct food from mouth to esophagus
  3. Salivary glands
    secrete saliva(contains starch-digesting enzymes)
  4. Epiglottis
    protects always during swallowing
  5. Trachea
    allows air to pass to and from lungs
  6. Esophagus
    passes food from the mouth to the stomach
  7. Esophagea Sphincter
    allows passage from mouth to esopagus and from esophagus to stomach;prevent backflow from stomach to esophagus and from esophagus to mouth
  8. Stomach
    add acids enzymes and fluid chums mixes and grinds food to a liquid mass
  9. Pyloric Sphincter
    allows passage from stomach to small intestine:prevent backflow from small intestine
  10. Liver
    manufactures bile salts detergents like substances to help digest fats
  11. Gallbladder
    stores bile until needed
  12. Bile duct
    conducts bile from the gallbladder to the small intestine
  13. appendix
    stores lymph cells
  14. small intestine
    digest all energy-yielding nutrients to smaller nutritents particles:cells of wall absorb nutrients into blood and lymph
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