20 Ways to Kill an Organization

  1. 1. Don’t attend meetings, but if you do arrive late.
    2. Be sure to leave before the meeting is finished.
  2. 3. Never have anything to say at meetings, wait until you leave.
    4. At meetings, vote to do everything, but go home and do nothing.
  3. 5. The next day after the meeting, find fault with the officers.
    6. Take no part in organization affairs.
  4. 7. Be sure to sit in the back row, so you can talk it over with your neighbor.
    8. Get all the organization can give you, but don’t give the organization anything at all.
  5. 9. Never invite a prospective new member.
    10. Talk cooperation, but never cooperate.
  6. 11. At every opportunity threaten to resign, and try to get others to resign.
    12. If asked to help, always say you don’t have time.
  7. 13. Never read anything that pertains to the organization. You may become too enlightened.
    14. Never accept an office, it’s easier to criticize than to act.
  8. 15. If appointed to a committee, never give any time or service.
    16. Don’t do anymore than you have to, and when others willingly and unselfishly use their ability to help the cause along, gripe because the organization is run by a clique.
  9. 17. Always take sides in misunderstandings between members, and before the one with whom you talked to last.
    18. While presiding at meetings, express your own opinions before presenting the club business to the members for a vote.
  10. 19. Repeat all the unpleasant things about your organization to everyone.
    20. Always criticize your leader when the opportunity arises.
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20 Ways to Kill an Organization
20 Ways to Kill an Organization