History Notes

  1. The Geography of Japan
    • 1. Mountainous terrain
    • 2. surrounded by the sea
    • 3. 4 main islands
    • 4. sits on the Pacific "Rim of Fire"
  2. The Feudal Period of Japan
    • a) 1192-late 1800s
    • b) Social Hierarchy
    • 1. Shogun
    • 2. Emperor
    • 3. Daimyo
    • 4. Samurai
    • c) Code of the Warrior-- Bushido
    • -The book of Five Rings
    • d) Role of Women
    • - to be as poised and cultured as men
    • -a creative role in Japanese plays
    • - writing poems, playing the flute or stringed instruments, and in court intrigue
  3. Taika Reforms
    • the central purpose of the Taika reforms was to remake the Japanese monarch into an absolutist Chinese-style emperor
    • "Son of Heaven" was added to the Japanese rulers' name
    • The imperial administration was revamped along Chinese lines to create a Chinese style bureaucracy
    • Peasants conscipt army that was always commanded by the Samurai but was loyal to the Emperor
    • In the 8th century the imperial family moved from Nara to Heian
    • The name was later changed to Kyoto
    • The power of the aristocratic families to build up rural estates was fully restored
    • Emperor gave up scheme to build a peasant conscript army
    • Local miltias were established in the rural areas
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