HWC 205 Ch. 4

  1. Thomas Paine
    He was the spokesperson for the liberal view. this man preached and wrote on behalf of a radical republicanism. He also wrote "Common Sense."
  2. Virginia Plan
    James Madison developed this plan. It was a scheme for a truly national government and strong national union. this plan benefited the higher populated states.
  3. New Jersey Plan
    Alternative to the virginia plan. The lower populated states offered this plan as an alternative. Under this outline, congress would be given the power to tax but each state would keep just one vote in the unicameral legislature.
  4. Alexander Hamilton
    Leader of the ratification forces in the state. Nationalist
  5. Treaty of Paris, 1783
  6. George Mason
    for virginia's constitution, this man drafted a declaration (or bill) of rights that was adopted before the constitution itslef. It affirmed the right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness but condemned forms of hereditary privilege. It guaranteed trial by jury and called for frequent turnover in office.
  7. John Adams
    Part of a committee along with Ben Franklin and Thomas Jeffereson, that prepared a declaration that would justify American independence to the world. He believed the most virtuous governemnt was one that abandoned the balanced government of England in favor of one based on "separation of powers." Nationalist
  8. French and Indian War
    The war of north america. Aka the seven year's war
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