HWC 205 ch.2

  1. Egoistic
    Hobbes suggested that humans in the state of nature were egoistic. preoccupied with one's own interests. self centered or egotistical
  2. The Glorious Revolution
    Three years after coming to the throne, James II was removed by William and Mary for a constitutional monarchy. This has been known as The Glorious Revolution
  3. Leviathan
    Classic work written by Thomas Hobbes that discusses his theory on absolutism.
  4. Royal absolutism
    meaning the power of the ruler was supposedly unlimited except for divine law ( aka "natural law")
  5. Sir Robert Filmer
    supporter of absolute monarchy.
  6. Charles I
    King of England during 1625-1641, he ignored the parliament and assumed absolute power.
  7. Oliver Cromwell
    After Charles I's death the parliamentarians ruled under Cromwell but the regime was not popular.
  8. State of nature
    This famous phrase refers to human existence without government. Meaning, no political authority over people.
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HWC 205 ch.2
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