HWC 204 Ch.13

  1. Renaissance
    This incorporated economic, political, and cultural changes. This became the beginning of the modern capitalist society and the economic transformation of the West.
  2. Holy Roman Emperor, the position of
  3. The Medici
    The most famous family during the Renaissance. They were the richest banking family in Florence which basically made them the unofficial political bosses of the city.
  4. Charles V
    Holy Roman Emperor, King of the Netherlands and Spain. His territorial empire was very large. He was consistently in conflict with France. He rule for nearly forty years.
  5. Guilds
    Associations of merchants, craftsman, professional people, and artisans and each took part in the government of Florence.
  6. Michelangelo
    Famous artist and sculptor during the Renaissance. Painted the ceilings of the Sistine chapel.
  7. Cesare Borgia
    Machiavelli served as an ambassador to this man who was the Duke of Valentinois and made a strong impression on him.
  8. Machiavellian (the adjective)
    when political advantage is placed above morality and the use of craft manipulation to maintain authority and carryout the policies of a ruler
  9. renaissance
    this represented the "rebirth" of wisdom and art and the humanist movement.
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