HWC 204 Ch. 12

  1. Indulgences
    Instead of doing penance for sin, __________ became a popular alternative. People preferred to purchase a letter of pardon instead of doing penance (extra prayers, etc.) because it was easier. Authorized by the pope, the roman church didnt refuse because it was a major form of income.
  2. Erasmus
    A humanist, this man advocated reform of society and the church. He was unable to bring about the reformation like Luther.
  3. Sola scriptura
    Regarding the argument between Luther and John Eck over the "divine right of the papacy" Luther believed that direct scripture was the final judge. This phrase _______ became the slogan for the Reformation.
  4. Sola fide
    This phrase by Luther was his "discovery" and meant justification by faith alone. It became the basice doctrine of the Reformation.
  5. Ulrich Zwingli
    This man represented the Reformed group. Regarding the Lord's Supper, the Reformed group declared that the efficacy of the communion came with faith remembered. This caused a permanent divide between the Lutheran and Reformed congregations.
  6. Lord's Supper
    This was known as eucharist/communion. This caused major disagreements between early Protestant leaders. The Catholic understanding was that during communion the bread and wine were changed into the body and blood of Christ.
  7. Anabaptists
    Another breakaway group was know as this; ultimately meaning "re-baptizers." These people were united in their denial of infant baptism.
  8. Council of Trent
    This was the Catholic response to reform and reaffirm doctrines. The Jesuits were key in carrying out these reforms.
  9. John Calvin
    Believed in predestination. Also believed that people were recognizable by their conduct and that people should act the way God wished.
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HWC 204 Ch. 12
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