Junior Horse Bowl Questions, Set 3 & 4

  1. During which gestation trimester does the foal grow most rapidly?
  2. What is the oldest and most common method of selecting hay?
    Visual appraisal (looking!)
  3. What is routinely added to horse feeds and/or supplied free choice?
  4. A horse used the neck as a ( what )?
    Balanced arm
  5. Name three types of flies.
    • House
    • Bloodsucking stable
    • Horn
    • Face
    • Horse
    • Deer
    • Black
  6. What type of colic is due to muscular contractions of the intestinal tract and may be associated with overexcitement?
    Spasmodic colic
  7. * Spraying a horse with cool water
    * Placing ice packs on the head & large blood vessels on the inside of the legs
    * Standing the animal in the shade or in a cool, well-ventilated barn are ALL first aid treatments for ( what )?
    Heat stroke
  8. Who should palpate (examine by touching) a horse's mouth?
    Only those experienced in equine dentistry
  9. The Spanish Mustang is a descendant of horses brought to the new world by whom?
    The Spaniards
  10. In the horse world, what do the initials TWHBEA stand for?
    Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association
  11. Name the by-product of a sucrose refined from sugar cane or sugar beets that is commonly added to feeds.
  12. What is the most accurate method to assess nutrients in a hay?
    Chemical analysis
  13. Salt is made of what two minerals?
    Sodium and chloride
  14. The neck should be ( what ) to the horse's overall length and height?
  15. What is the high-tech development of recent years that permits application of a shoe to the foot without nails?
    Glue-on shoes
  16. If the middle incisors of the lower jaw are so far forward that they do not contact the incisors of the upper jaw, the horse is said to be what?
    Image Upload 1Sow-mouthed
  17. The major function of the skin in horses is ???
  18. What is the makeup of the check teeth?
    Three premolars and 3 molars
  19. What determines hay quality and leafiness?
    Stage of maturity
  20. Name the breed of horse characterized by tobiano and overall color patterns and is a limited breed registry for stock-type horses.
    Image Upload 2Paint (American Paint Horse)
  21. The headquarters for the Tennessee Walking Horse is located in what Tennessee city?
  22. When during lactation does a mare's milk yield, energy, and fat content peak?
    During the first 30 days of lactation
  23. A horse that was given a numerical condition score of "9" would be categorized as what?
    Extremely fat
  24. The most important factor affecting the quality of a forage is what?
    Stage of maturity at time of harvest
  25. What is the single most important characteristic in equine selection?
  26. Name 2 things that can result from using pads?
    • Sole to weaken
    • Pad dependency
  27. What is the most essential, easily available, and most-often overlooked nutrient required by the horse?
  28. What do you call a blockage of the intestinal tract?
  29. An additional small rudimentary tooth just in front of the upper cheek teeth and rarely present is the lower jaw is called what?
    Wolf tooth
  30. What is the common name for stomoxys calcitrans?
    Image Upload 3Bloodsucking stable flies
  31. PHBA is a color breed registry that stands for?
    Palomino Horse Breeders of America
  32. What leg marking is characterized by white color that extends almost to the knee of the horse?
    Image Upload 4Stocking (last one on the right)
  33. Molasses is an energy source that is used in horse feeds for 2 primary reasons. Name them.
    • Improve palatability (taste)
    • Reduce dust
  34. Sometimes red clover may have a mold infection that causes horses to what?
  35. Other than salt, the 2 most significant minerals added to horse diets are what?
    • Calcium
    • Phosphorus
  36. At about what age does Galvayne's Groove appear?
    Image Upload 510 years of age
  37. What is balance determined by?
    The skeletal structure
  38. What part of the hoof bears the weight of the horse?
    The wall
  39. How much water on average will a 1,000 pound horse consume per day?
    10 gallons
  40. What temperature range indicates that a horse is suffering heat exhaustion?
    105-109 degrees Fahrenheit
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