HWC 204 Ch.9

  1. Islam
    Founded by Muhammad. Islam means submission or surrender to the one true God. The belief that Muhammad is the final prophet and that God delivered his message to Muhammad.
  2. Mecca
    The early revelations Muhammad had were in Mecca. Major trading city and leading center of religious pilgrimage.
  3. Medina
    The second half of revelations that Muhammad received when in Medina. After suffering persecution in Mecca, Muhammad and his followers had to flee to the city of Medina.
  4. Khadija
    married to Muhammad. She was older than him and they had several children.
  5. Imam
    The leader of Salat is called an imam
  6. Ishmael
    In the Surah titled Abraham. A Hebrew patriarch offers a prayer for his son Ishmael by his concubine Hagar whom he sent away from him at the demand of his wife. Ishmael traditionally the father of the arab peoples, occupies a special place in the Qur'an.
  7. Hagar
    character in the Abraham Surah.
  8. Ka'ba
    great black cube shaped shrine located in the city of Mecca.
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HWC 204 Ch.9
Ch. 9 – Birth and Growth of Islam: The Qur’an