1. 1619
    Year english colonists wanted representation for taxation
  2. Year english delcared independence
  3. 1763
    beginning of englands folly
  4. 3 myths of native americans
    Thought they were children of nature not corrupted by civilazation

    vicious savages

    Became lousy indians after..
  5. what made slavery possible
  6. indentured servents
    brought themselves in to pay off a debt
  7. seperation by Jefferson
    Didnt believe white/black could get along
  8. Manumission
    freeing of slaves
  9. Ben Franklin
    • prolific author
    • poor richards almonac
    • ambassador to france
    • sign treaty of france, declaration of independence.
  10. John Adams
    Fought for independence

    2nd president
  11. branding
    used on slaves
  12. The Frontier
    Hellped define what America is and providede opporturnities.
  13. who were the first in the TRANS ATLANTIC slave trade?
  14. Who was involved in the first slave trade
    Portugease enslaving indians
  15. Presentism
    Looking at the past with present values and attitudes
  16. puritans and new world
    Didnt come for religious freedom but to practice their own religion.
  17. John Rolfe
    • Made jamestown profitable with Tobbaco
    • married poccahontas
  18. dooming of the seats
    puritans doomed the seats in the back. If you sat back there you were going to hell, you had to pay for the seats in the front.
  19. July 4 1826
    50th anniv of independence and thomas Jefferson and John Adams die.
  20. John Quincy Adams
    First son of a pres to be elected as a pres.
  21. miracle at phillidelphia
    Writing of constitution
  22. Delaware
    First to ratify constitution
  23. the chosen people
    Farmers, they were given part of louisiana purchase.
  24. Racism
    Legacy that justified slavery
  25. Polly Baker
    Women Ben Franklin made up, a hoax.
  26. Quartering act
    Happend After boston tea party
  27. Tories
    People who were loyal to england during revolution
  28. Spanish Missions
    Created same time we are fighting for independence.
  29. John Locke
    Influenced the declaration of independence.
  30. when did the constitution go into effect?
  31. James Madison
    Most prepared to constitution convention and had a draft of the virginia plan. Took notes at the convention.
  32. three things Thomas Jefferson wanted to be remembered for
    • Father of university of Virginia
    • creater of virginias laws of religious toleration
    • Writing of Declaration of Independence
  33. 1787
    Convention to amend articles of confederation turns into constitutional convention
  34. Subsistence farmers
    Farmed enough to only feed themselves
  35. indians and tepees and the horse
    before 1492 they didnt have either.
  36. Most dangerous man in America
    Ben Franklin
  37. Jeffersons paradox
    He proclaimed slaves were men and that all men were equal yet he owned 200 slaves.
  38. 1783
    Treaty of paris
  39. 1777
    • articles of confederation which goverened our country till the constitution
    • sara toga turning point in war
  40. 1775
    declare rebellion
  41. Lexington and concord
    first battle of revolution
  42. Roshambeau
    • French officer sent with 5,000 troops to help americans beat the british
    • best known for battle at york town
  43. 1763
    French indian war ends
  44. 1777
    vermont is the first british colony to abolish slavery.
  45. how many slaves were brought to the new world and how many survived?
    • 20,000 brought in
    • 10,000 died on the way
  46. gouvenour morris
    • Washingtons best friend
    • nominated him for president.
  47. george washington
    • first president
    • greeted at home as a hero but he felt like a failure
    • at the peak of his power he wanted to retire but became president.
  48. west indies
    where most african american slaves were taken from
  49. battle of new orleans
    we lost and it was fought in 1815
  50. supreme law of the land
    constitution, laws, and treaties.
  51. proclamations boundaries act
    first act of congress that offended us
  52. different cultures of native americans
    Chieftoms and there was alot of diversity
  53. John Newton
    • Slave trader who was shipwrecked and made a promise with god to become a minister
    • wrote the song "amazing grace"
  54. James hilhouse
    senater from conneticut and wanted to abolish slavery in louisiana purchase.
  55. Battle of saratoga
    Turning point in the American revolution
  56. George whitefield
    • Leader of the great awakening
    • crossed us bringing good news
    • proclaimed that the dooming of the seats was wrong.
  57. march of folly
    • england treated amerians badly which led to this march
    • 1763
  58. Bacons rebellion
    • first battle of class
    • between rich and poor
  59. 1803
    louisiana purchase
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