Science Test 2

  1. Define Quarantine
    period of isolation used to separate those infected or suspected of being infected with a pathogen from the rest of the populace; in order to prevent transmission; comes from the Italian for ‘forty days’ – when ships entering Venice where isolated for that period
  2. Define epidemic
    More than normal occurances of a disease
  3. Define Pandemic
    more than normal occurances of a disease spread over a wide geographic area (the world)
  4. Define Vaccine
    A drug used to prevent infection by stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies
  5. Antiviral
    A drug used to inhibit the reproduction or spread of virus; chemicals act at all stages of virus
  6. Epidemiology
    Using statistics to track the spread of disease and trace the likely origin/cause
  7. Transmission of Influenza (Spanish Flu)
    Air-borne; coughing/sneezing
  8. Transmission of Cholera
  9. Transmission of Plague
    • Insect-borne; fleas that have bitten infected rats (Bubonic)
    • Air-borne (Pneumonic)
  10. Transmission of AIDS
    Bodily fluids: sexual intercourse, shared needles, pregnancy, occupational exposure in healthcare
  11. Factors contributing to transmission of Spanish Flu
    Increased travel of soldiers during WWI, closed fighting quarters, poor nutrition (rationing of food)
  12. Factors contributing to transmission of Cholera
    Travel of soldiers, poor sanitation and quality control of food supplies; lack of understanding how cholera is transmitted
  13. Factors contributing to the spread of plague
    Increased rat (&flea) populations living in close quarters of high human populations; poor sanitation & health; lack of knowledge of microbes
  14. Factors contributing to the transmission of AIDS
    Slow to understand transmission
  15. Type of Pathogen: Spanish Flu
    Virus (Influenza A)
  16. Type of Pathogen: Cholera
    Bacterium: Vibrio cholerae
  17. Type of Pathogen: Plague
    Bacterium: Yersing pestis
  18. Type of Pathogen: AIDS
    Virus (HIV)
  19. Cause of Pandemic: Spanish Flu
    Virulent form of Influenza A - H1N1
  20. Cause of Pandemic: Cholera
    Contaminated rice from Ethiopia
  21. Cause of Pandemic: Plague
    High rat and flea populations and close quarters
  22. Key years of Influenza
    • 1918 Spanish Influenza
    • 1957 Asian Influenza
    • 1968 Hong Kong Influenza
  23. Key Years of Cholera
    1817-1824 Asiatic Cholera
  24. Key Years of Plague
    • 541-542 Justinian Plague
    • 1347-1351 (Europe) Black Death
  25. Key year of AIDS
    Still going; started after WWII
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