English Voci 13

  1. The increased capital could greatly (beschleunigt) economic development
  2. Both candidates (angegriffen werden, attackiert werden) for their health-care proposals.
    have come under attack
  3. What first (Aufmerksamkeit erregen) my attention was hisvoice.
    capture sb. attenetion
  4. This is just a (Richtlinie, Schätzung), remember?
    ballpark figure
  5. jdn. (inständig) bitten,etw. zu tun
    beg sb to do sth (phr v)
  6. The king had friends on whom he (jdm. etw. schenken,überschreiben,verleihen, überlassen) land and privileges.
    to bestow sth on sb.
  7. She believed she was on the (Rand, Grenze kurz vor etw. stehen) of discovering a cure for cancer.
    on the brink of sth
  8. (auf keinen Fall) will we agree to splitting up the company.
    under no circumstances
  9. (zufällig auf etwas stossen) a word I’d never seen before.
    to come across sth.
  10. He has found (Zufriedenheit) and satisfaction
  11. Research shows that sending young offenders to prison can be (kontraproduktiv).
  12. People of all races, colours, and (Glauben) have to live together.
  13. (tief, im Innersten) I knew that Caroline was right.
    deep down
  14. It is for the court to (festlegen, entscheiden) whether she is guilty.
  15. Atkinson showed great (Aufopferung )to duty.
  16. The delay may well have (schmälern) the impact of their campaign.
    dimish / have dimished
  17. The president (erheben) him to the chairmanship of the council.
  18. The red panda is on the (gefährdet) list.
  19. The whole (Unterfangen) was misguided from the start.
  20. The list is by no means (erschöpfend, vollständig) .
  21. Being a wife and mother doesn’t really (erfüllen) me.
  22. What message are you trying (verständlich machen, jmd. etwas rüberbringen) the consumer?
    get sth across to sb
  23. They tried to persuade me, but( nicht locker lassen,seiner Sache treubleiben)
    stick to your guns
  24. The number of people contracting the disease has (halbiert).
  25. We recognise the need for the Asian community to preserve their cultural (Erbe)
  26. We feel (demütigend) by our local community’sgenerosity and support.
    humble / humbled
  27. Almost half the population remains (ungebildet).
  28. We must work together to protect our (einheimisch) wildlife before it is too late.
  29. Since 1993 (Kindersterblichkeit) in Bhutan hashalved.
    infant mortality
  30. I don’t think his pitch (jdm. Gerechtigkeitwiderfahren lassen, jdm.gerecht werden) product
    did the product justice/do sth justice
  31. Nearly all the children in the camp (unterernährt).
  32. The city’s museums offer a (Vielzahl) of cultural possibilities
  33. The scandal has () the company (schlechter Ruf)
    giving a bad name
  34. (Die chancen standen schlecht für ihn), but he nevergave up.
    The odds were against him
  35. The evacuated areas remained (tabu) to the public.
    off limits
  36. The organisation works on behalf of thevictims of (unterdrückung).
  37. Despite being (in der Mehrzahl sein, zahlenmässig überlegen), they managedto fight back bravely.
    outnumber / outnumbered
  38. The Jamaican sprinter consistently (überperformen) the opposition.
  39. Britain spends more (pro kopf) on defencethan many other European countries.
    per capita
  40. The council has (giessen/schütten) money into ahousing development which nobody wants.
    pour / Poured
  41. An increase in the cost of raw materials willhave a serious effect on our (Gewinnspanne, Marge)
    profit margin
  42. This was a period of peace and national (Wohlstand).
    prosperity (n) (opposite = poverty)
  43. We will all (ernten, einmischen) the benefits of this important
  44. Peace can only be achieved through (Versöhnung).
  45. I think we can solve this problem without (auf etw. zurückgreifen) to legal action.
    resort to sth.
  46. sich bemühen etw. zutun
    seek to do sth
  47. She (ergreifen) the opportunity to requestpromotion.
  48. Our responsibility to the earthquake victims is (selbstverständlich)
  49. He (vor etw. zurückschrecken) from telling his secrets to anyone.
    shrink from sth
  50. This contradicts the government’s promise to introduce (Einfachheit) into local government.
  51. These people want to (säen) fear and panic among our people.
  52. The region is (eingeweicht, geschichtsträchtig) in history.
  53. I’ll (zusammenfassen) briefly and then we’ll take questions.
    to sum up
  54. Successive governments have failed to (anpacken) the question of homelessness.
  55. These young people are on the (Tür-)Schwelleauf der Schwelle vonetw., vor Beginn vonetw.) of their careers.
    on the threshold of sth
  56. Guests were beginning to (eitnrudeln) into the church.
    trickle in
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