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  1. pc stephen tibble memorial
    charleville road
  2. A to Z mansions
    queens club gardens
  3. unwin mansions
    queens club gardens
  4. lillie hotel
    ongar road
  5. park city hotel
    lexham gardens
  6. earls court square
    warwick road/ earls court rd -in only via warwick rd -exit both ways
  7. kensington court hotel
    nevern place -one way to templeton place
  8. lord jim hotel
    penywern road -sdol
  9. london electronics college
    penywern road -sdor
  10. mercure london kensington hotel
    lexham gardens
  11. cromwell mint casino
    cromwell road - bang on corner queensberry place
  12. mosimanns belfry
    west halkin street -n side
  13. papillion restaurant
    draycott avenue- now called Ilia restaurant
  14. daphnies restaurant
    draycott avenue -one way out onto brompton road
  15. joe's cafe sw3
    draycott avenue - on small 2 way part
  16. admiral codrington pub
    mossop street
  17. le seuquet restaurant
    draycott ave. on border of 2 way part
  18. eclipse restaurant
    walton street - sdor n bound
  19. toto's
    lennox gardens mews/ walton st
  20. san lorenzo restaurant
    beauchamp place- sdor from pont st
  21. borshich n tears restaurant
    beauchamp place- sdol from pont street
  22. map house
    beauchamp place- sdol from pont street
  23. st. columbas church
    pont street (scottish church) sdor from beauchamp pl
  24. cadogan hotel
    sloane street -just s of pont street/ pavillion road
  25. langtry's restaurant
    pont street, on cnr of pavillion road
  26. iceland embassy
    hans street
  27. luxemborg embassy
    wilton crescent
  28. zefferano restaurant
    lowndes street
  29. grenadier pub
    wilton row -off wilton crescent
  30. ambassadeurs casino
    hamilton place- opposite 4 seasons hotel
  31. hamilton place
    park lane/ picadilly
  32. belgium embassy
    grosvenor crescent -sdol from hype park corner
  33. cut restaurant
    45 park lane hotel/ stanhope gate
  34. colony club
    hertdford street -sdor from mini roundabout
  35. whiskey mist @ zeta
    hertford street- sdol from mini roundabout
  36. 10 hotel & restaurant
    manchester street - sdor past blandford street
  37. the nehru centre
    south audley street
  38. john astor house
    foley street
  39. hannah house (london west college)
    manchester street - sdor just above blandford street
  40. ginger pig
    moxon street -2 way part -sdor from marylebone high street
  41. le fromaggerie (cheese shop) w1
    moxon street -2 way part -sdor from marylebone high street
  42. cordon bleu cookery school
    bulstrode place
  43. rockerfeller building
    university street -sdor just before gower street
  44. tayler house
    roseberry avenue/ next to finsbury town hall
  45. gala casino
    imperial hotel - russell sq
  46. granville square
    granville street
  47. banana tree restaurant ec1
    st john street next to old red lion pub
  48. green bar n1
    upper street -next to screen on the green - now called xoxo bar
  49. napier terrace
    almedia street
  50. florence pub
    florence street / off upper street
  51. john spencer street
    off compton road/
  52. unity church
    upper street
  53. sutton dwellings
    upper street
  54. union chapel
    compton terrace in from upper st
  55. the vineyard
    upper street
  56. the compton arms pub
    compton ave - off cannonbury road/ cannonbury lane
  57. tiger way e5
    monro way/ downs road
  58. nightingale gate
    downs road e5-opp monro way
  59. eastside academy apartments
    dalston lane -next to hackney downs station
  60. downs road
    queensdown road/ rectory road
  61. hackney marsh changing rooms
    sdor from eastway
  62. the hackney pearl cafe
    prince edward road - off wallis road
  63. eastway
    wick road
  64. stour space/ counter cafe
    roach road / monier rd out
  65. h. foreman & sons
    stour road -leave by r smeed road, l monier road
  66. dace road
    monier road -fish island
  67. greenwich pensioners pub
    bazley street -sdor from e.india dock rd
  68. ibis hotel e14
    baffin way/
  69. ontorio tower
    fairmont avenue - lor cply mini roundabout, lve by blackwall la, cply mini roundabout, lve by baffin way, l/r prestons road
  70. raddison edwardian, e14 (new providence wharf)
    fairmont avenue - lor cply mini roundabout, lve by blackwall la, cply mini roundabout, lve by baffin way, l/r prestons road
  71. docklands museum
    hertsmere road slip (main ent)
  72. rum and sugar restaurant
    hertsmere road + slip
  73. citibank
    canada square - south side
  74. frazer place
    broadwick place/ trafalgar way
  75. isis building
    marsh wall/ thames quay
  76. landmark apartments
    marsh wall (opp britania hotel) big big big
  77. south quay dlr
    marsh wall - opp hilton
  78. selsdon way
    east ferry road
  79. n&s tower e14
    selsdon way
  80. n&s printers
    westferry road
  81. docklands sailing centre
    westferry road
  82. crossharbour starion
    east ferry road sdor s bound
  83. manhattan bar
    hertsmere road -alley next to marriot
  84. marriot west india quay hotel
    hersmere road -aspen way in out to hertsmere road
  85. curve bar e14
    hertsmere road (inside marriot)
  86. mudchute station
    east ferry road -sdor s bound
  87. tequila quay
    commercial road n side
  88. tiller lesuire centre
    tiller road- sdor from westferry road
  89. cannon workshop
    cannon drive- off hertsmere road
  90. dockmasters restaurant
    hertsmere road
  91. prince's tower
    elephant lane. -lol, f st mary church st, f rupack st, l or r brunel road
  92. prince's steps
    next to prince's tower- elephant lane i thinks
  93. the ship and whale pub
    gulliver street/ off elgar street/ rotherhite street
  94. kings stairs close
    elephant lane - lve on l elephant lane, f st mary church st, f rupack st, l or r brunel road
  95. mayflower pub
    rotherhithe street
  96. brunel museum
    railway avenue/ tunnel road
  97. old salt quay
    rotherhithe street
  98. rotherhithe library/ civic centre
    albion street, -swan road out
  99. the finnish church
    albion street
  100. throne of the earthly kings
    king william walk, devonport house
  101. the norwegian church in london
    st olaves square - albion street
  102. the gipsy moth pub
    cutty sark gardens sdor in
  103. hardy cottages
    eastney street sdor in from park row
  104. globe rowing club boat storeage shed/ club
    eastney street -sdor in
  105. gloucester circus
    royal hill/ crooms hill
  106. greenwich students union se10
    king william walk sdor in
  107. albany empire theatre
    douglas way - sdor a@ end of giffin street
  108. cheese board
    royal hill - sdor n bound
  109. circus street
    royal hill/ greenwich south street
  110. pumphouse museum
    lavender road / off rotherhithe street
  111. nunhead cemetary
    linden grove
  112. bird in bush road
    peckham hill street/ commercial way/ peckham park road
  113. peckham mosque
    coburg road - off neate street
  114. livesey museum (now closed)
    old kent road - opposite kfc.
  115. walworth academy
    shornecliffe road -one way lol l old kent road
  116. burgess park
    albany road
  117. aylesbury health centre
    thurlow street - sdol from albany road
  118. the chaplin centre
    thurlow street- sdol from albany road
  119. deptford lounge (public library)
    giffin street - sdor in
  120. tidemill school/ academy
    giffin street- sdor in
  121. flint street
    rodney road/ thurlow street
  122. montcalm london city hotel
    chiswell street - sdol w bound
  123. king and queen street
    browning street/ east street
  124. beehive pub
    carter street -slip opp main rd/ penrose street
  125. eurotraveller hotel
    amelia street- sdor in from walworth road
  126. jam yang buddhist centre
    renfrew road- sdor in from kennington lane
  127. city point
    ropemaker street
  128. simmons + simmons
    ropemaker street
  129. sundial court
    chiswell street -sdor w bound
  130. catholic herald
    lambs passage - in only from chiswell street
  131. rose lipman community centre
    de beauviour road -sdol heading n nound (now closed)
  132. mc queens pub/bar
    tabernacle street
  133. eagle pub
    shepherdess walk- next to police station
  134. greenwich station
    greenwich high road
  135. belushis se10
    greenwich high road - next to station
  136. novotel greenwich se10
    greenwich high road
  137. greenwich dlr
    wallor way- off greenwich high road
  138. davvy's wine cellar se10
    greenwich high road, next to greenwich dlr
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