us hist ch 8

  1. who won the election of 1800?
    where was the winner supported?
    • thomas jefferson; ties w/ aaron burr, wins by one vote in house of reps.
    • the south and the west
  2. jeffersons tombstone says...
    here is buried t.j. author of the declaration of independence. of the statue of virginia for religious freedom and father of the univ. of virginia
  3. what is pell mell and who started the tradition?
    • seating of official dinners w/o regard to rank
    • thomas jefferson
  4. what was thomas jefferson economical plan?
    he kept hamilitons plan but reduced debt
  5. the judiciary act of 1801
    • 16 new federal judges
    • jefferson repealed; marbury vs james madison supreme court decided if constitutional
  6. marbury vs james madison..
    • marbury nominated as justice of the peace by adams but not granted commision by sec of state, james madison.
    • sued madison for commission but court against marbury
  7. barbary pirates...
    • leader of tripoli wanted protection $ for US merch ships in med. sea
    • jefferson sends ships fights on and off for 4 yrs
    • peace treaty signed in 1805
  8. napolean sells LA b/c... (3) and for how much
    • suffered misfortunes in santa domingo
    • hoped territory would keep US strong against britian
    • didnt want US in arms w/ british

    15 mill 3cents/ acre
  9. lewis and clark gave us..
    • rich harvest of scientific observation
    • maps
    • adv. stories
    • trip last 2.5 yrs
  10. essax case of 1805
    • british ruled that carrying spanish and french goods to the US and reexporting them wouldnt exempt them from seizure.
    • british confiscate american ships
  11. embargo act of 1807
    no exports to all other counties
  12. 1809 giles enforcement act
    president allowed to use militia against smugglers
  13. war of 1812 was worst fought war b/c
    • disunity was widespread
    • only minority wanted to go
    • army was inadequete
  14. key battle in war of 1812 and why?

    whats important about the attack on balitmore?
    battle of plattsberg 1814 b/c it protected US from full invasion

    frace scott key looked at flag at ft. mcnenry wrote poem
  15. treaty of ghent
    • ended war
    • agree to stop fighting and restore all conqured territory, and set joint commission to settle boundry disputes for canada
  16. battle of NO
    • after peace treaty
    • andrew jackson led forces
    • protect mississippi
    • feared british would bring freed slaves,french and spanish into the conflict if succesful
  17. tariff of 1816
    1st tax not protected and not for revenue
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