Spanish (Imperfect Tense example sentences)

  1. Siempre íbamos a la playa.
    We always used to go to the beach
  2. Yo andaba a la escuela muchas veces.
    I used to walk to school many times.
  3. A veces comías pizza por la tarde.
    At times you used to eat pizza in the afternoon.
  4. A menudo yo le hablaba en español.
    I often used to speak to him in Spanish.
  5. De joven, ella nadaba.
    As a young person, she used to swim.
  6. Mientras ella dormía, yo hacía la tarea.
    While she was sleeping, I was doing the homework.
  7. Yo leía mientras ella jugaba.
    I was reading while she was playing.
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Spanish (Imperfect Tense example sentences)
Imperfect Tense example sentences