Refexes and receptors

  1. Somatic reflexes involve??
    skeletal muscle contractions
  2. Autonomic reflexes involve responses from??
    smooth and cardiac muscles and glands
  3. Reflex arc steps
    • Sensory receptor
    • Senory (afferent) Neuron
    • Interneuron
    • Motor (Efferent) Neruon
    • Effector organ (muscle or gland)
  4. Muscle Spindles: initiate __________________ results in muscle contraction prevention injury due to overstretching: contraction of _____________ and relaxtion of antaginist
    • stretch reflex
    • agonist
  5. Agonist
    muscle do on action
  6. antagonist
    does the opposite
  7. Golgi Tendon organs: Initate tendon relfexes can override ___reflexes relives excess tension on musces and their tendons causeing relaxation of the ____ and contraction of the ____
    • stretch
    • agontist
    • antagiontist
  8. ankel jerk reflex: striking the achillies tendon at the level of the ankle:
    • Normal respones is plantarflexion
    • diabetes nerosyphililis alcholism subarachnoid hemorage do not have this reflex
  9. Babinski Reflex: Stroke the sole of the foot
    • normal response is plantarflexion of the toes
    • abnormal dorsifexion
  10. Dermis adapt quickly detect touch sensation specifc feedback
    meissners corpusels
  11. epidermis constant feedback detect touch sensation dont adapt
    merkel discs
  12. dermis and sc adapt quickly to constant preasure sensation walking pressure borad range
    Pacinian Courpuscles
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