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  1. An individualistic political culture is one in which:
    All of the Above
  2. Which of the following supports the traditionalistic political culture found in Texas
    All of the Above
  3. 3. The first African-Americans to come to Texas were:
    slaves of Spanish explorers
  4. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of l986
    All of the Above
  5. Texas currently ranks in number of electoral votes, with 34.
  6. In economic policy, the basic principle underlying conservatism is
    Economic laissez-faire
  7. Texas has a political culture that is best described as
  8. Which of the following would be helpful in identifying a political culture?
    All of the Above
  9. The acquiring of political values and beliefs from family and institutions is through a process called
    political socialization
  10. Individuals who are from different regions of the country or within a state will likely have different political values. This illustrates the existence of a variety of different political
  11. Which of the following subcultures best explains the reasons for less participation by African-Americans in politics?
  12. The moralistic subculture
    encourages government involvement in social and economic issues
  13. The traditionalistic culture
    wants experienced politicians running the government
  14. The individualistic culture in Texas is most prominent in
    the Hill Country
  15. German immigrants to Texas were socially conservative, suspicious of government, and self-sufficient. The subculture in areas they settled is referred to as
  16. According to Daniel Elazar, the political culture of Texas is
    traditionalistic because of the influence of the Old South
  17. Which of the following is an incorrect statement regarding the Native American population of Texas?
    The Caddo Indians in East Texas gave Texas its name by referring to newcomers as tayshas, which means "white man."
  18. Recent population shifts in Texas have been
    from rural to urban, from large cities to suburbs
  19. Which of the following states has a larger population than Texas?
  20. Which one of the following is not a correct statement
    The horizontal drilling technique was utilized before 1980s to make oil extraction more profitable in Texas.
  21. Texas political culture includes all but one of the following
    Texans are predominantly moralistic with residuals of traditionalist culture.
  22. Harsh competition among individuals where the most fit survive and reproduce their own kind while the weak or inferior perish is referred to as and was proposed by:
    Social Darwinism, Charles Darwin
  23. An enduring contribution of the Native American population to Texas' culture, government and politics is
    the state's name
  24. Texas' influence in national affairs
    has grown in the 20th century
  25. What is the largest non-Anglo population in Texas?
  26. What tax was levied for extraction of natural resources in Texas?
    Severence Tax
  27. The first EARTH day was held when?
    April 22, 1970
  28. Mexico finally relinquished its claim to Texas at the conclusion of the
    the Mexican War with the U.S
  29. Following the Civil War, most African Americans in Texas voted for
  30. The purpose of the Ku Klux Klan in Texas and throughout the South was to
    keep Blacks in a position of inferiority
  31. In 1876 after Democrats regained control of the state government, a constitution was adopted that
    represented a return to the traditional principles of the Jeffersonian Democrats and the limited government
  32. The requirement to pay a poll tax as a prerequisite to voting had an especially negative effect on
    African Americans
  33. The Great Depression that began in 1929 was less severe in Texas because
    Texas was still substantially rural and agricultural
  34. The growth of the Texas economy in the 1970s was fed in large measure by
    an increase in the price of oil resulting from the OPEC oil embargo
  35. The dramatic drop in the world price of oil in 1985 led to these conditions in Texas
    The loss of thousands of jobs
  36. What theory of economic and social development holds that if business flourishes, everyone will benefit from the prosperity that follows?
  37. The significance of the Texas laissez-faire ideology is seen in the
    low funding appropriated for educational attainmen
  38. The population increase Texas experienced from 1980 to 1990 entitled the state to
    three additional seats in the U.S. Senate
  39. Texas has a well-earned reputation for uniqueness due to
    the intense state patriotism of Texans.
  40. The two dominant ideologies in Texas today are usually referred to as
    liberalism" and "conservatism.
  41. Texas has:
    neither a personal income tax nor a corporate tax law.
  42. Which of the following is true of Social Darwinism?
    Wealth was deserved by individuals who acquired it.
  43. What word best describes the social make-up of the Texas people?
  44. A political culture is:
    a pattern of political beliefs and values of a community
  45. In terms of religious preference, most Texans:
    are Protestant
  46. . Favorable factors of the Texas economy include
    All of the Above
  47. The Asian-American population of Texas
    is primarily immigrant, having come from Southeast Asia
  48. The community property laws and homestead laws in Texas
    are symbols of our Spanish heritage
  49. The migration of people from rural regions to growing cities is called
  50. The impact of the oil industry on Texas after 1986 is reflected by
    All of the above
  51. In Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court decided that
    none of the above
  52. A special law passed for the purpose of punishing a
    certain person without a trial is called:
    None of the above
  53. In the Texas constitution, the Bill of Rights
    • protects many rights also protected in the United States
    • Constitution.
  54. A constitution provides for all of the functions except
    being specific about the structure of executive branch
  55. The primary consequence of a state being a part of a
    federal system is that:
    there is a division of power between two levels of government.
  56. States may not:
    make treaties with foreign nations.
  57. In a confederal political system the central governing
    has no ability to make laws directly applicable to individuals without the authority of state governments.
  58. In a federal political system power is:
    shared between the central government and constituent governments.
  59. A major reason for the development of cooperative
    federalism was:
    the public expectation for action concerning the disastrous state of the economy
  60. You have been convicted in Indiana of a crime and escape
    to Texas, where you are apprehended by the local police. Indiana wants you back. Which constitutional provision would Indiana invoke?
  61. The goal of new federalism is to
    reduce the restrictions attached to federal grants.
  62. Federal government obligations to states include all of the following except
    organize and hold elections for state office
  63. Which case supported the concept of implied powers?
    McCulloch b. Maryland, 1819
  64. This is not the state power according to the 10th amendment..
    making treaties
  65. State obligations to federal government are all of the following except:
    provide security for states
  66. The term enumerated powers refers to:
    the powers specifically granted to the federal government by the Constitution
  67. The term implied powers refers to:
    the power of the federal government to make laws to implement stated policies.
  68. Unitary systems:
    do not have INDEPENDENT state governments
  69. Which one of the following statements is correct about the case of Marbury b. Madison?
    none of the above
  70. Weaknesses of Texas Constitution include:
    many amendments, rigid restrictions, and exessive detail.
  71. The Republic of Texas:
    became the 28th state of the U.S. in 1845
  72. The Texas Constitutional Convention of 1974:
    failed to agree on a proposed constitution.
  73. Which of the following is not one of the articles of the Texas Constitution?
  74. A basic criticism of the Constitution is that it is, to a great extent:
    a legislative code
  75. The Texas Constitution has grown most through:
  76. The political situation in Texas prior to the drafting of the present Constitution was:
  77. You and your spouse are granted a divorce by a Reno, Nevada, court, but Texas (your home state) refuses to recognize your new marital status. Which right is Texas abridging?
    Full faith and credit
  78. The first article of the Texas Constitution pertains to:
    the Bill of Rights
  79. The chief obstacle to the revision of the Texas Constitution is:
    opposition by powerful interest groups
  80. Which of the following is not a required step in amending the constitution?
    approval by the governor
  81. In the case of McCulloch v. Maryland, the Supreme Court held:
    that only when acts of Congress are forbidden by the Constitution are they unconstitutional.
  82. A league of independent states in which the central
    government handles only those matters of common concern expressly delegated to it is referred to as a
    confederal system
  83. A major function of constitutions is to
    establish the organizational framework for governing institutions.
  84. In the United States, citizens live under
    both the US and a state constitution
  85. The government of the United States is legitimate
    because it
    conforms to certain constitutional requirements.
  86. Of the different ways of ordering relations between
    central governments and local units, the most popular method in the world is:
    a unitary system
  87. The state of Maryland imposed a tax on the Bank of the
    United States because:
    it feared an extension of centralized political power
  88. The privileges and immunities clause of the Constitution means:
    a citizen of one state cannot be treated as an alien in another state.
  89. The implied powers of the national government:
    give elasticity to out constitutional system
  90. The concept of horizontal federalism deals with
    relationships between state governments
  91. A constitutional power which both state and national
    governments may exercise in a particular area of jurisdiction is called
    concurrent powers.
  92. The Full Faith and Credit Clause:
    applies to the recognition of public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of each state by the other.
  93. All of the following statements are correct except:
    Texas has the longest Constitution of any state
  94. The last major effort at constitutional revision in Texas ocurred in the period of
  95. The Texas Constitution has been amended (as of the present date)
    over 450 times.
  96. When the national government institutes a military draft, it is using its:
    implied powers
  97. Article 1 of the present Texas Constitiution pertains to
    Bill of Rights
  98. Among the powers of government provided by the Texas Constitution is
    legislative power vested in a bicameral legislature
  99. The process of amending the Texas Constitution includes the provision that amendments must be proposed by:
    a two-thirds majority of the total membership of both houses of the Legislature.
  100. An example of an impled power is the federal government's right to
    create a national bank
  101. _______________ obligations imposed by the states in dealing with one another
    Horizontal Federalism
  102. Establishing courts is a
    Concurrent power
  103. Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution limited state socereignty?
    All of the above
  104. When a government's acts are accepted by the citizens as lawful, fair, and just, the government is said to have
  105. Constitutions serve to
    all of the above
  106. The "statehood constitution" of 1845 was
    influenced by
    Jacksonian democracy
  107. Which of the various Texas Constitutions is regarded as the best ever produced by the state?
    The "statehood constitution" of 1845
  108. Which TExas Constitution provided for appointed judges and annual legislative sessions?
    The Constitution of 1869
  109. What was Texas' most progressive constitution in terms of power and organization?
    The constitution of 1869
  110. The Texas Constitution adopted in 1876 included
    provisions to do all of the following except
    allow the legislature to set elected officials' salaries
  111. Article I of the Texas Constitution contains
    the Texas Bill of Rights
  112. . In the United States, checks and balances allow each
    branch of government to limit the other branches and in so doing support the
    principle of
    separation of powers
  113. The Texas Constitution and the U.S. Constitution are
    alike in that
    both divide governmental functions among three branches
  114. The Texas Constitution provides for each of the
    following EXCEPT
    annual regular sessions of the state legislature
  115. The judicial article of the Texas Constitution creates
    all of the above
  116. Amendments to the Texas Constitution may be proposed by
    the legislature only
  117. Amendments to the Texas Constitution are proposed by the
    legislature and are ratified by
    majority of the voters in a general election or special election called to ratify amendments to the Texas Constitution.
  118. The Texas Constitution is written in such detail that it
    necessary to amend it frequently.
  119. Over the last century, most amendments to the Texas
    Constitution have dealt with policy issues that they say should have been resolved by the
  120. Those who advocate reform of the Texas Constitution
    generally focus on which of the following issues?
    all of the above
  121. A constitutional amendment adopted in 1972 authorized
    _____ to convene itself as a constitutional convention.
    the legislature
  122. The last time Texans had an opportunity to vote on a new
    constitution was
  123. The Texas Constitution of 1876 tends to
    all of the above
  124. Federalism reflects how power and responsibility
    change and shift between the national and state governments
  125. A series of assistance programs called the New Deal illustrate a
    shift in attitude that favors a national solution to local problems
  126. The federal relationship between the national and state
    governments reveals a shift of power from the states to the national government which is largely due to
    all of the above
  127. Texans in Congress
    all of the above
  128. The concept of devolution is consistent with the belief that
    states should be free to work out solutions to their own problems.
  129. One disadvantage of devolution is
    lack of state funds to cope with the responsibility
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